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Netizens say this label is the strictest when it comes to legal action against malicious commenters

After School, Orange Caramel, NU
According to netizens on one online community, the strictest entertainment label when it comes to taking legal action against malicious commenters in order to protect their artists, is the label home to After School, Orange Caramel, NU'EST, Seventeen, PRISTIN, and more - Pledis Entertainment

Netizens say Pledis is one of the few entertainment labels that files criminal lawsuits against malicious commenters. Most labels file civil lawsuits, in which case the two sides involved resolve the lawsuit through mediation, after which the malicious commenter may need to pay a fee for carrying out the lawsuit. In the case of a civil lawsuit, the malicious commenter being sued may be fined for criminal charges if found guilty, in addition to incurring a line in his/her criminal record. 

Netizens claim that unlike other labels, Pledis takes times to collect numerous evidence files, after which the label files lawsuits in bulk. While other labels target the few most malicious comments deemed most harmful to their artists, Pledis supposedly files lawsuits against any type of malicious comments - minor cursing, derogatory comments about an artists' physical appearance or about an artist's character, and more. 

Even when being active on a non-public website, the label will have access to evidence files through reporting and other means, say netizens. Furthermore, Pledis Entertainment will file legal lawsuits against individuals without prior warnings, while other labels tend to send warnings in the case that individuals want to apologize and delete their comments. 

Fans commented, "Things Pledis is good at = legal action, casting", "This is the reason why fans sacrificed their time and brains getting PDF evidence files of malicious commenters all this time", "The quality of Pledis's statements were always different", "Please make those malicious commenters pay", and more. 
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