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Kush's says he suffered from depression due to blackmail scandal with ex-girlfriend Ai Haneda

By mkim93   Saturday, December 16, 2017   40,164   1,491   249



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It appears that Kush's old blackmail scandal that occurred about a year ago is coming to light once again in midst of Kush's alleged cocaine usage.

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Recently, it was confirmed that Kush has been booked for cocaine use. While being investigated Kush also revealed he has been suffering from depression, and he confessed to using cocaine on two different occasions in order to combat the illness. In light of this, his past statement of him suffering greatly and experiencing hardship from the Ai Haneda blackmail scandal has resurfaced.

Back then, Kush wrote on Instagram: "Hello. As some of you may know from rumors, Mari (Ai Haneda) and I were a couple. I met her through a friend and realized she's a very nice person, and I wanted to teach her about a normal relationship. I wanted to show her that in Korea, there are different people than the ones who just want to drink and have sex. Some may call me dirty or gross and point fingers, but at that moment, Mari wasn't an AV actress, but a nice, cute girl to me. What's important now is Vivian, who I am currently meeting. Mari and I have clearly ended our relationship, but she is becoming a hindrance to my peers, threatening to send photos to reporters, Vivian, etc. To me, Ai Haneda was Mari. I'm not sure how gross you may think I am, but this is the truth and I'm going to try my best. I really want to be set free from stalking and threats. If love is a sin then you may call me a sinner."

Reading this, netizens chimed in and commented, "Just because something like that, it doesn't mean you can use cocaine...", "So if everyone is having a hard time, should everyone turn to drugs? What kind of power does YG have that they're all so free even after dealing with drugs?", "Wow...the scandal already broke up and they need to remedy the situation so they're releasing this kind of press...ex-girlfriend blackmail -> depression -> drugs -> appeal", "If you lived properly, you wouldn't have been blackmailed in the first place", and much more.

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