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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Thursday, November 9, 2017

[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 25 & 26

Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

Hong Joo and Jae Chan resolve to find the man they saved. Dae Gu lets Seung Won know that Yoo Bum was the prosecutor in his dad's trial, and is responsible for dad being in jail. Speaking of the devil, he also offers Mr. Choi and Hyang Mi a job at his firm, but Hyang Mi needs to convince Choi. Hyang Mi tells Jae Chan to be nicer to Choi to keep him around. Seung Won asks Jae Chan to clear Dae Gu's dad's name. Meanwhile, a middle-aged guy is stealing cellphones and returns home. He places them in a box with other cells, but one message gets his attention: $10,000 to return the phone!  Later, in a dream, we see Jae Chan and Hong Joo locked in a burning room. The dreamer wakes with a start, and we cut to Jae Chan and Hong Joo theorizing that the man they saved as kids could be dreaming about them.  While on patrol, Woo Tak catches the phone thief.

Jae Chan is perturbed when he learns Hong Joo will be filming him all night. They get phone thief plus the guy who offered the huge sum for the phone's return. Phone thief secrets a USB drive in his sock, and Mr. Middleman claims he represents the phone's owner. Jae Chan checks out the thief's story and asks Hong Joo to cut that footage. The thief is so moved at being believed that he hands over the USB stick. Turns out that the USB stick contains photos of the IV serial killer's victims. Choi goes to confront Yoo Bum about falsified evidence, who only says "You were there, too." Hong Joo talks to her boss and gets Middleman's address. She finds Jae Chan there, and Middleman is dead, just like the dream. They're locked in, and a mysterious figure sets the place on fire. Choi saves them and is in tears to find they're all right. 13 years ago, Jae Chan got in trouble with his dad for forging his grades. A young officer tries to calm things down. A close-up of his nametag reveals that the young officer is Chief Choi!

So, this means that Chief Choi is another dreamer, just like them. Has he been doing this all this time, or did it just start? If he's been doing it for 13 years, then maybe contact with Hong Joo is all it took? I'm not sure. Because to poke holes in Woo Tak's theory, why doesn't her mother have these dreams? Or her boss? Or is that coming?

It's interesting that Choi and Yoo Bum have a history that they've only touched on. And it sounds like Choi is definitely ashamed of his past, and wants to do the right thing. Now, if he's with Jae Chan, does that mean he really wanted to keep tabs on Jae Chan, or is it pure luck that he's working in the same office? Maybe he feels responsible for the death of Jae Chan's father? I don't think it's a coincidence -- few things in this drama are.

I thought the sequence with superstar Hee Min was hilarious. Once the camera's trained on her, she goes all daebak and every shot is for dramatic effect. Her hair flares, the lights frame her in just the right way, and she instantly becomes a female Sherlock Holmes, able to deduce things from little evidence. This was an awesome scene.

So now we know Woo Tak is color blind. And colorblindness can get him kicked off the force apparently. A color blindness of his severity is fairly rare. Usually, it's just one color. But, I wonder: why bring it up? As I said, this drama connects things fairly well, even if the connections aren't always obvious. Maybe it becomes a point of contention as to whether he keeps his job?

This installment was better than the last, as we're out of the "talky" phase and into more of the action. Procedurals do very little for me. I also love the fact that we got more into character backstories this time. They even humanized a criminal! So, yeah, I'm in this for the long haul.



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