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Park Eun Bin answers if the child in the controversial 'Youth Generation 2' epilogue is her child

Actress Park Eun Bin, who received both love and praise for her superb acting through her role as Song Ji Won on 'Youth Generation 2', sat down for an interview about her recently ended drama series. The biggest issue during the interview was of course, the controversial epilogue aired at the end of episode 13.


In the final epilogue of 'Youth Generation 2', a female child is sitting in front of Belle Epoque 8 years after the events of the series. She is eating an apple, until her dad comes out of the house and leads her away. She asks if this is the house her mom lived in, while the dad's face is not revealed.

During her interview, Park Eun Bin shared that there had been several options for the last epilogue, such as the housemates reacting to a horror movie, the housemates' reactions while giving blood, and more, but after a series of changes, the writer decided to go with the future epilogue.

The drama itself came to an end with no explanation as to whose child the girl was, nor who the girl's father is. It turns out, Park Eun Bin grew curious too and decided to ask writer Park Yeon Sun. According to Park Eun Bin, "The writer thought that Song Ji Won would be dead in 8 years. After discovering Moon Hyo Jin's case, Song Ji Won became a journalist and chased after injustice, until she met her end against enemies who opposed her."

Writer Park also confirmed, "The child is Sung Min's child." Regarding Song Ji Won and Sung Min's relationship, which remained platonic until the end of the series, she revealed, "If the story continued, they could only get together."

Did you guess right about the child's mother and father from the final epilogue of 'Youth Generation 2'?

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