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Posted by mkim9395 pts Sunday, October 29, 2017

Nam Tae Hyun denies dating rumor with Son Dam Bi after a "couple video" circulates

Son Dam Bi, Nam Tae Hyun
Nam Tae Hyun took to Instagram to deny dating rumors between him and Son Dam Bi that have been circulating throughout the internet.

Recently, a video between Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi caught the attention of netizens in which the two are goofing around through an app called 'Kwai'. This particular app has been trending and popular in Korea because numerous amount of celebrities have been uploading it through their social media accounts. However, it appears that once an individual makes an account for this app, it automatically uploads to the account, unlike Instagram or Twitter which needs to be manually posted. It is possible to take the video down afterward immediately.

The video below shows Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi recording a cute video together through the app very closely. While it is uncertain how the original video circulated in the first place, it has gotten the attention of netizens which led to speculations that the two are dating.

Since the dating rumors, Nam Tae Hyun took to his personal Instagram page to dismiss the rumors by posting the original dating rumor article as a picture while writing the following, "I think it is possible to misunderstand. I'm sorry. We are definitely not dating.

He also wrote, "After being contacted and searching up my name, I noticed that there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding after people saw an app video between myself and a close friend (noona). I understand it's possible to misunderstand as we do seem very close in the video but the app is designed in a way that if our faces separate, the rabbit emoticon disappears...that's why we both have the rabbit emoticons while being really close to each other. Son Dam Bi and I are just friends, we are not in a relationship. We're definitely not dating...once again, I would like to apologize to all the fans."

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