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What did Sooyoung say to Seohyun that hurt her feelings?

By mkim93   Saturday, August 19, 2017   49,186   10,947   19



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On part 2 of Girls' Generation's appearance on 'Knowing Brothers', Seohyun revealed how her feelings were hurt when she used to do morning calls.

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Seohyun said, "When we all used to live in a dorm together, I always woke up the earliest and did morning calls. But every time, my feelings got hurt. It was hard for me as well to wake up early but there was one time Sooyoung unnie said 'Mind your own business' and that shocked me. I was really sad at the time.

Sooyoung's reaction:

Seohyun continued, "We were always late so I woke everyone up and everyone would be in such a sensitive mood. If I went to YoonA unnie and Yuri unnie's room, they just yelled, 'Turn the light off!'"

YoonA & Yuri's reactions:

To this revelation, Hyoyeon jokingly said, "Wow, so this is how she kills us" and Yuri tried to refute, "You...!" But as a response, Seohyun immediately pointed at Yuri and said, "It was her who said 'Turn the light off'!" which made everyone laugh. Afterward, Seohyun mentioned that Taeyeon just sleep-talked a lot. Sooyoung thought she found a chance and added, "What I said was a sleep talk too." But this was no use as Seohyun stated that Sooyoung's eyes were half-opened which made Sooyoung gave up.

Lee Soo Geun concluded with one of his jokes, "At the end of the day, the youngest receives the most love...if there is a situation where one person out of the eight has to jump off a sinking boat, you would think everyone would protect the youngest, right? Well, that absolutely won't happen now," which took everyone off guard as the entire room exploded in laughter.

Did you enjoy the second special episode of Girls' Generation on 'Knowing Brothers'?

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