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Professionals from 'The List 2017' name top stars who have unique phobias

Sunny, Tablo, Yoon Kye Sang , Lee Jong Suk, Cha Seung Won, Kim Hee Sun, Doojoon
On this week's tvN 'The List 2017', professionals named the top stars with some of the most unique phobias.

Number 7, actor Yoon Kye Sang, revealed that couldn't dare to even look at sharp-edged objects such as a finger tip, chopsticks, or corned, pointy objects.Back when he was performing as a g.o.d member, his fellow teammates would fool around often but they kept in mind not to pull any jokes regarding jagged items.

This all began after "Yoon Kye Sang found out he was a mighty warrior fighting in The Crusades in his past life who was pierced in the left eye by a sharp flying arrow during the holy war." Surprised by the discovery, Yoon Kye Sang and the members became to believe in this myth. Thanks to girlfriend Honey Lee, he seems to be slowly working to overcome his great phobia.

Coming in at sixth place was Highlight'sDoojoon, who is afraid of amusement park rides. Despite his passion for soccer, the idol star didn't like going to the amusement park, unlike his fellow childhood friends. He is afraid of riding roller coasters and even tour vehicles. Doojoon even took things far as swapping his high school field trip to the amusement park for a more serene setting at a picnic area.

At number 5 was Girls' Generation member Sunny. The idol star has a phobia of fireworks. Having grown up in Kuwait as a child, she had witnessed the Gulf War at a close distance and tends to gets startled every time she hears a loud sound similar to that of gun shots and explosions going off.

At fourth place, Epik High's leader Tablo revealed his true nightmare to be driving.

Ranking third place was actor Lee Jong Suk. The actor claimed his heart was thump rapidly or his face would turn red at the sight of people's attention. Lee Jong Suk shared that things had real serious,not to mention public speaking, but when he found himself walking alone in an abandoned alleyway, hoping to avoid people as a child.

Actor/model Cha Seung Won came in at second place. Having a fear of birds, he commented, "I hate all kinds of birds. I can't even stand Phoenixes." To add to this, he also has a fear of chicken. Cha Seung Won can handle cooked chicken, but is afraid of approaching live chicken. It seems Cha Seung Won isn't alone on this as fellow actors Jung Jun Young, Jo Se Ho, and actress Ha Ji Won also fear the feathered animal.

The number one star no other than actress Kim Hee Sun. She has a fear of fish and had trouble even glancing at the common sea creature on OliveTV's'Island Trio'. Kim Hee Sun explained, "When I was little, I went to a seafood restaurant with my parents and it was shocking to see adults eating live fish like it was no big deal."

Do you suffer from any phobias?

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