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[MV & Album Review] Yonghwa – 'Do Disturb/That Girl'



Track List:

1. That Girl (Feat Loco)
2. Closer
3. Password
4. Navigation
5. Not Anymore
6. Lost in Time

It's been 2 and a half years since his first solo album, and now the CNBLUE singer is back with the summer release 'Do Disturb.' He serves up six new tracks on his first mini-album, including the collaboration with rapper Loco on the title track "That Girl."

In a change from his last release, "That Girl" is upbeat and jumpy. Rapper Loco steps in and even seems to share equal time with Yonghwa, at least in the main verses. His particular flow here is right in line with the song as a whole. The chorus is fire and just is insanely exuberant. I like the hooks Yonghwa pulls out, like repeating "I don't know" again and again. The ad-libs are just golden. Yeah, a pretty good song to my ears.

"Closer" is a little slower and calmer than the title track, a refreshing bit of R&B. Kind of ice in the glass and beverage of choice refreshing. It's not too slow, and his voice sounds different during the chorus, unveiling his falsetto and making this song a sweet groove. It's catchy too, but in an entirely different way from "That Girl."

Thrumming bass and a funk-style groove characterize "Password." While it's still R&B it's a different style from "Closer." It's little touches like this that I enjoy because it shows off his range. The synth stabs in the chorus are awesome, as is his voice on this track. He sounds almost slinky here until he hits the pre-chorus. His expressive vocals are bold and give this track some punch.

"Navigation" slows things down some. Though not a ballad, it still has enough of a billowy feeling to the chorus to almost be one. I like how he sounds pensive during the main verses but his voice gets more emotive during the chorus. When he calls out the directions you can almost hear the near panic. Apparently. this was an ode to his GPS.

"Not Anymore" is the only ballad in the bunch, where he dusts off his best performance. There are enough time changes in this one to make it a bit more interesting than the standard ballad, but not that interesting to me. Anyone who's read my previous reviews knows that I'm not a fan of ballads. It's okay, but it's not all that.

"Lost in Time" starts out like a ballad, but instead ends up being more of a soft pop tune. This is a pleasant piece and certainly sounds like a closer to me. It's quiet, unassuming, and somewhat reflective. This is a two and I could see ending up on an OST or something. It's a calm way to end the EP.

It's not a bad album, and I think it's some of his better material. I'd rather hear more upbeat, uptempo songs than slow ones, and this fits the bill nicely. We still have a ballad that recalls his earlier work, but his ability to cross genres makes the EP more compelling. It's a strong sophomore effort, and it's an easy listen for the ears.


In this MV, Yonghwa is in a nightclub. He sits down next to a girl that catches his eye. Loco makes an appearance as organic as his part in the song as emerges from behind the bar and starts rapping. Most of the action takes place in the bar or in the parking lot.

The fashions Yonghwa dons are somewhat wild. Really bright colors most of the time, and at the end, he has what looks like a robe. I wanted those kinds of things to make a comeback, so I should be careful what I wish for. The cuts seem fairly normal though.

The dancing is kinda just there. There's no amazing moves or choreo, but I don't think that's the point. He looks like he's having a great time moving to his own tune. And why not? It's a good song.

I like the bright colors and the upbeat nature of the MV. No one seems to take themselves too seriously here, but it doesn't descend into abject silliness. I think it's a light-hearted narrative to go along with a kickin' tune, and it works.


MV Relevance...........8
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8


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