Posted by harmony4377 Saturday, July 22, 2017

Actor Yoon Hyun Min has a taste testing with some spicy chili peppers on 'I Live Alone'!

Actor Yoon Hyun Min and the 'I Live Alone' crew made a getaway to the countryside on the July 21 episode!

The cast paid a visit to Park Na Rae's grandmother's hometown, where they went on a venture to harvest some chili peppers. After returning from the fields, member Jun Hyun Moo asked for a weighing scale and suggested, " We'll weigh [our peppers] on the scale and whoever gets the smallest weight, even by a gram, loses and has to eat two chili peppers." After everyone agreed, the Yoon Hyun Min placed last with a mere 3.74 kg, resulting in him having to consume two chili peppers! The actor grunted in pain at the exploding amount of capsaicin, which caused the other cast members to burst into laughter. 

Check out his unlucky chili pepper taste testing above!

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