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'Produce 101''s Joo Hak Nyeon criticized for being greedy + making mistakes on stage

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'Produce 101' viewers are unhappy with Joo Hak Nyeon.

During the practice for "Never", Joo Hak Nyeon was moved from the team into the "Open" team. Takada Kenta was originally the center of the team, but Joo Hak Nyeon applied to be the center and he was ultimately voted the new center. However, Joo Hak Nyeon continuously could not follow the choreography and the melody, and Kang Dong Ho had to have close one-on-one sessions with him just so he could sing the lines properly.

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After an evaluation by the producers where Joo Hak Nyeon continuously made mistakes, the group held a meeting where Kang Daniel pointed out that Joo Hak Nyeon had never once in practice gotten the choreography correct, and that it was a serious issue as he was the center. Kang Dong Ho also agreed he did not believe Joo Hak Nyeon could improve until the performance (they had 3 days at this point), and Takada Kenta also put in that he hadn't seen Joo Hak Nyeon practice as much as he should have, given that he could not follow the song or the choreography. The team decided Kim Yong Guk would be their new center and had to re-practice their new choreography line. 

However, viewers were shocked to see Joo Hak Nyeon ask Kang Dong Ho what he thought about him applying to be center again after he managed to get the vocals down. Kang Dong Ho laughed it off, but viewers found it distasteful especially since Kim Yong Guk and the others had to repractice choreography just for him and he was asking it to change again.

Not only so, Joo Hak Nyeon made several mistakes on stage. Because he'd said himself that he always did well on stage, his multiple mistakes are also being pointed out.

(Original choreography during rehearsal on the left, during actual stage on right)

The original choreography has Joo Hak Nyeon bowing a little so center Kim Yong Guk can have his center ending. However, during the actual stage, Joo Hak Nyeon stayed standing straight up, covering the center Kim Yong Guk.

Joo Hak Nyeon's choreography:

How the choreography is supposed to look (you can also see Lim Young Min behind Joo Hak Nyeon in the gif above):

Stretching hand out when it's supposed to be a fist (also off beat):

Left hand not on hip:

Messing up choreography line and passing in front of center:

Off-beat during chorus (he is 5th from left):

While not everyone is good at choreography, viewers are criticizing him because he is the dance position, and he had said with his own words that he did well on stage. Also, this is Joo Hak Nyeon's second time with a similar problem. He had a similar issue with Hong Eun Ki during the position evaluation, where it was shown that he was getting choreography wrong and wasn't able to focus on practice after getting into a disagreement with the members. Back then, many had argued that it was evil editing against him - however, now that it's the second time in similar conditions with other members actively voicing that he wasn't practicing enough, even fans aren't so sure and some fans have even turned their backs on him.

Many are accusing of being greedy of the center position without the talent to back it up. Viewers were also critical of his 'kiss' ending, which he has been doing since "Right Round". While it could be considered cute, viewers pointed out "Open" was not that kind of song and all the other members had kept a serious, charismatic stare at the end while Joo Hak Nyeon was all smiles and even blew a kiss. 

What do you think of the issue?

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dlrpr Sunday, July 9, 2017

I'm not his fans and i know it's late to comment for this article but i think i want share my opinion and asked it. I just dont agree with some pict in this article, when i saw the open up video with haknyeon focus on youtube, i dont see some mistake that mentioned in this article (e.g. the fist pic). I just want to let the other know, am i right ? please let me know if i'm wrong. I hope all pd101 trainee will become a successful idol. Thank you

dlrpr Monday, July 10, 2017


Kim_Jacks_Wifeu Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I don't know about Knetz -_- I just hope he'll not be include in final 11. He's acting cute but it doesn't suit him. I got pissed when I look at him. I got pissed at him when he can't do the choreography right, it is obvious that he did it on purpose (when he is team up with Eunki) . I JUST HATE ON HOW PEOPLE VOTE. THEY DON'T VOTE BECAUSE OF TALENT. BUT BECAUSE OF THE LOOKS. IT IS BETTER IF YOU HAVE BOTH TALENT AND LOOKS THO. BUT WHAT IS LOOKS AND TALENT IF YOU HAVE A VERY BAD ATTITUDE?

peachy1660 Friday, June 9, 2017

' HAVE A WILD CARD Produce 101!  I can't accept the latest rankings (1-20), Kim Yong Guk, should've been in his place( joo hak nyeon) why? ughh! i dunno knets, us intrn'l fans can't understand how you judge or pick  unique talent and has potential.

kzoldycks Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sorry but I really don't get why his popularity is so high among knetz. He barely really show any improvement since episode 1 and there are so many more talented trainees than him. For me he doesn't even have the look to make him popular, just plain whiny ungrateful brat, but apparently my type and knetz type are clearly different.

kaoribae Thursday, June 8, 2017

This might sound kinda rude now but it's my honest opinion so I don't care. For me, he should've been eliminated right from the first elimination round, for real. I didn't like him from the start. In my opinion, he gives off an unsympathetic vibe sorry not sorry I'm so salty about him being in the current top 11 and maybe being able to debut if his rank won't drop (which I actually hope for, lol) while other much more hardworking, talented trainees who deserve it way more than him already got eliminated before they could really show their true colors. Well, it's okay to be greedy as Heeseok said ('Amazing Kiss' group) but you have to back it up of course – something I can't say about Haknyeon. Ah, I don't even understand why he is so popular to knetz. Hopefully, he doesn't make it into the final lineup because he's definitely not ready to debut and lacks a lot compared to other trainees. He still has a lot to learn to be finally able to debut. If the voting system also was open to the audience from overseas, he wouldn't get a single vote from me.

Reri_Putra Thursday, June 8, 2017


orionn Wednesday, June 7, 2017

honestly i could handle what he was doing before. wasn't that severe wanting to have more parts in right round. but he came into my fucking house and dared to take the god damn center away from kenta, my top boy, who is close to being eliminated this week and was p close last week while haknyeon is rank 8. he is safe. at least he would be if he stopped fucking being a brat. he doesn't work hard at all you can tell that he only tried his best when they were voting for the groups center and it makes me so upset because kenta honestly deserves the world and to debut, and he is god damn talented enough to debut rn. haknyeon is an asshole n i was okay w him now hes my least favorite :)))

kimhayoung orionn Wednesday, June 7, 2017

dude the other members chose him to be center. he didnt take anything away from kenta. he wanted to be center too. the members had a choice and they chose haknyeon. u cant blame him. kenta deserves to debut but so does every single other trainee on this show, including haknyeon

Adagaki Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hated him ever since he was starting shit with Eunki's group when he didn't get center. I can't understand why anyone would vote for a little shit head who sits in a corner and doesn't try when things don't go his way.

thesiiiiickest Monday, June 5, 2017

Yup there's a reason the other team kicked him out in the first place too! The group shouldve realized this before they gave him the center but it's not their fault, his rank is pretty high... I hope his rank decreases and he gets some humility. Hard work pays.

E_Williams Monday, June 5, 2017

I really don't like him - never have. I don't hate him, but I hate his behavior. His own greediness is blinding him. He should wanna create a good performance instead of wanting attention. Especially since he was removed from his original team and PICKED by Daniel to join theirs. He should be humble and grateful instead of trying to steal the center position as the first thing. He already had a high rank, unlike Kenta, who also wanted to be the center (a much better choice, in my opinion). But though he was picked by the others (believed to live up to their expectations), he didn't put in as much of an effort as he could've - like Kenta pointed out. He slacked off. Even though Dongho helped him.. I'm so upset and disappointed. It really sucks to see such a person do as good in the rankings as he does. I would much rather have, let's say Eunki in this round instead. Like I said before: I don't hate him, but I actually hope he doesn't become one of the final 11..

kaoribae E_Williams Thursday, June 8, 2017

I absolutely agree with you. I think he still has a lot to learn and must fix his attitude and work on a better personality before he can finally debut. It kinda makes me sad that he's part of the current top 11. I mean, there are so many other talented trainees in the show or trainees that practiced like there's no tomorrow and improved but don't seem to get that much attention they deserve. Well, this is something I can't state about Haknyeon. I hope knetz will open their eyes and realize he's not ready to debut and give their votes to those who deserve and need them more than Haknyeon (in the latest episode, in episode 9 he's ranked #7 which means he's safe if his rank won't drop) and who really really put in effort to reach their dream. However, I'll be surprised if he makes it into the final line-up...

E_Williams kaoribae Thursday, June 8, 2017

In my honest opinion: He is not ready to debut. At all. From what I've seen, and just like you said, there are so many others who are much more hardworking and worthy of a spot as the final 11. I feel like Samuel (as an example) really deserves to be a part of the top. He may still be lacking in some aspects (like he's kind of a perfectionist with his performances, though that's not really an all bad trait), but he really works hard to improve and is willing to do so incredibly much to succeed. He gives it his all, earning amazing results - maybe not always ranking wise, but the "coaches" have praised him - I think Kwon Jaeseung recently did so. Haknyeon needs to change drastically. The way things are now, he does not deserve to debut. Even if he does change, though, I still don't think he should debut through this show .––.

kaoribae E_Williams Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yes, you're right. Honestly, it's not easy to pick my personal top 11 because there are so many hardworking, talented trainees who all deserve to debut but Haknyeon is definitely not one of them. I also hope Samuel will be in the final lineup, he has so much potential. It's a pity that his rank keeps dropping;;;

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