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New K-Pop fan meet tour company SHOW[K]ASE gives the 'nugu' groups a chance to perform overseas

By yckim124   Saturday, April 22, 2017   51,284   853   57



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Hundreds of K-Pop idols debut each year with great hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, not all of them get to shine brightly. Many groups, who are also commonly referred to as the 'nugus', struggle to make their name known in the competitive industry, and many ultimately face inevitable disbandment without giving a fair opportunity to show their great talents. 

A new K-Pop fan meet tour company SHOW[K]ASE aims to give these 'nugu' groups a chance to shine.

SHOW[K]ASE launched and operated by Studio PAV M&C brings rookie and relatively unknown K-Pop artists to the United States; not only to major U.S. cities but also to more local areas. Unlike other ordinary K-Pop events, SHOW[K]ASE will create a more intimate event, allowing fans to directly interact with idols and truly get to know them. 

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For the very first fan meet tour, SHOW[K]ASE is bringing M.FECT to the states. The 5 member boy group with M.Gun, Low, Zamong, Boho, and Jeil debuted in April of 2015 with 'Impact'. Since then, the group released 2 more singles ''Just You'' and ''Reason''. They are scheduled to release their 4th single album in May prior to their SHOW[K]ASE tour.

From June 9 to June 16, M.FECT will be visiting 6 cities - New York City, Arlington, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Chicago. (For more details, you can click here.)

With their first ever overseas event in the schedule, M.Gun, the leader of M.FECT, shared his overwhelming feelings, stating, "We are going to be touring 6 cities in the U.S. through SHOW[K]ASE. Honestly, it's our first performance in the states so we're very nervous but we are working and preparing very hard as we are visiting to make our name known to the fans in the U.S. I hope we can receive more love from the U.S. fans through this opportunity."

General admission tickets and VIP package which includes admission, an album with autograph, group photo session, and early entry to the venue are available at

Let's get to know and meet the hidden jewels in K-Pop with SHOW[K]ASE!


This article is sponsored by Studio PAV M&C.

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lt3_M3e_chan_E3 Monday, April 24, 2017

If only they came to the UK...

nami_chan Monday, April 24, 2017

please allkpop don't call people nugu, that makes your articles look so unprofessional

Winston Sunday, April 23, 2017

I dropped by the website, and saw the "VIP" package is only US$69, and the general ticket is $29, given that the air ticket for the whole group, plus some staff probably cost tens of thousands of dollars, not counting the cost of staying in USA for the 6 locations and food and local transportation (and security), I wonder how is SHOW[K]ASE going to make a profit from all this? I think the boys themselves probably is getting Close to nothing from this 6 showcase, and they could be performing for almost free, and the proceeds going mainly to Show[K]case and their agency.

emily235 Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lol, I just KNEW there'd be people bitching about 누구 in the title.

circadianite emily235 Monday, April 24, 2017

I should think so, it's wildly inappropriate.

ThePrincessDiana Sunday, April 23, 2017

i saw an ad for this on my INSTAGRAM lol. i think for atl its $29

Haru_ki Sunday, April 23, 2017

Looks like AKP found a new clickbait using the word "nugu" in their titles/articles ¬¬

Jaraiya_Ero Sunday, April 23, 2017

Isn't using the word 'nugu' in this way rather rude? Okay the writer definitely needs to learn to write before posting 'anything'... I wonder if these groups would be better served if they were to travel to South East rather than the States, more impact and Kpop is rather HUGE downunder!!

circadianite Sunday, April 23, 2017

Writer, just because some assholes use nugu as an adjective to describe people in a derogatory way, doesn't mean you should do it too, and legitimize it. It's unnecessarily demeaning and rude, and you're supposedly a news site, you should know better than to repeat that garbage.

3xplorer Sunday, April 23, 2017

Instead of "nugu" which I know what it means and I confirmed my knowledge with Winston's replies to OGTrashKan (Thank you by the way), I think a better term to use would be less known groups/underrated groups/groups with small fandom or recognition etc. As Winston also commented "nugu" can be used negatively by showing that a group, for example, is not important and so they're looking down on them by pretending that they don't know them. But more on the topic, I will check out M.fect's music now that I have heard of them :) Congratulations! May it be a success!

OGTrashKan Sunday, April 23, 2017

I didn't know what the term Nugu meant, know that i do, it sounds kinda insulting?... But, I still think its a cool concept :) I would love to see a kpop group that's a little more Indie! Too bad: A, I'm broke, B, There's none close to me, and C, refer to A and B. 

Winston OGTrashKan Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nugu means 'who?' in Korean", its like someone ask you "Do you know This group" and you said "Who?" So when you say that group is "nugu" its like that group is "Who?" (referring to someone who is unknown to you)

OGTrashKan Winston Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thanks. I just meant that a lot of people seem to associate that term with negativity... It nice to know the meaning, so thanks again!

Winston OGTrashKan Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some people reply "Nugu" when they Truely dunno who he or she is, but some people clearly know who that person is but PRETENDS not to know and say "Nugu" to give the idea that that person is so "insignificant" that he or she didnt know who he or she is. EXAMPLE: Oh My, Sech Kies is having a comeback!!, "Sech Kies? Nugu?", (a HOT fan, and a rival fanclub member of Sech Kies), In this case, the 2nd person is using the word "Nugu" with negativity, but looking down or trying to downplay the other party and calling him an unknown. So in this example, its can be seen as "insulting or rude", However when people say "do you know the group Berrychu who debut a few months ago?", B reply "nugu?' in all sincerity that he or she didnt know or never hear of that group, than i dun think its insulting.

OGTrashKan Winston Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wow! This is the best explanation! Thanks! BTW, I hope everyone's reads your post. It was very helpful:)

3xplorer Winston Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thank you for the information :)

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