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Lee Seung Hoon sends sweet thank you message to Yang Hyun Suk after the finale of 'K-Pop Star'

By yckim124   Thursday, April 13, 2017   49,280   5,943   9



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WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon thanked Yang Hyun Suk for giving him a life changing opportunity. 

This past April 9, SBS competition series 'K-Pop Star' came to an end with the final season. Following the finale, Lee Seung Hoon, who auditioned for 'K-Pop Star' in 2012, expressed his overwhelmed feelings to Yang Hyun Suk with a sweet text message. 

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Lee Seung Hoon wrote, "The past times and various emotions are tangled up in my mind. I'm not sure if these overwhelming emotions are happiness or what but thank you for creating such golden moments that originally did not exist in my life."

Another message by Lee Seung Hoon read, "I'm also feeling a bit peculiar as 'K-Pop Star' is over... I really appreciate you and the program that allowed me to be here today. You worked very hard! You were the amazing teacher and a mentor to numerous contestants."

Yang Hyun Suk shared the messages on his Instagram, thanking Lee Seung Hoon and 'K-Pop Star' by stating, "#You've grown up so well. It's an 'Oh yes' for me. #Really really #Thank you for making 4th place Lee Seung Hoon into the WINNER of today."

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Hikari_ELF Friday, April 14, 2017

Is it the last season?

Mai_Turn Friday, April 14, 2017

That's so nice and lovely of Hoonie and Papa YG :) The other former contestants (AKMU, Lee Hi, Katie Kim)  also send really nice messages to him ^^

kpoplolita Thursday, April 13, 2017

ygfam katie kim, akmu, lee hi wrote msgs too <3

kpoplolita Thursday, April 13, 2017

shit on all YHS all u want but he aint a bad guy, i just know he doesnt control the company 100% anymore and we will never know what goes on behind the scenes so im not going t waste my energy on the why/why nots/what ifs/the past (and all this is coming from a diehard BJ and VIP/ygartist stan). He alone doesnt deserve all the hate that he gets and if calling him "ygrat" makes u happy then go ahead, its not going to change the company immensely in terms of comeback but at least in 2017, all comeback promises were kept. This is kpop, dont take it so seriously. Enjoy ur favs when they comeback or tune off if theres nothing else here entertaining you. Taking a break from kpop and focusing on other parts of ur life is better than complaining 24/7 on their IGs...

NoonaVip kpoplolita Friday, April 14, 2017

Fans will complain on behalf of their faves but goes silence of the lamb when their faves obviously oppose against the blame on YG . To me though, the problem with them hating YG and blaming so much makes so much matter worse by creating this negative vibe between the artist and their boss which cause unnecessary drama and effects the creativity of the music and activities. Bad vibes all around. But if people like us say things like this, we are "defending YG " like he doesn't piss us off here and there to. Smh

Glo_NamTae_Diva Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Hoony is a grown up now 😭💙❤💚💛💜 Thank you YG and please take care of him 👏👏👏

i_belong_to_yg Thursday, April 13, 2017

AKP, if you didn't notice, there are many other thank you notes from Hi, Akmu, Katie.... and many others and YG himself shared those notes on the official page.... are you gonna make article for each or what??

Leila_ssss i_belong_to_yg Thursday, April 13, 2017

well AKP likes posting multiple times about just one sentence

NoonaVip Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gratitude for the man that made it happen. I'm here for it. 🙌

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