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Hyungsik believes it was heaven's will that ZE:A did not succeed?

ZE:A, Hyungsik
During a recent interview, Hyungsik shared his honest thoughts about his idol group ZE:A.

He began by discussing what ZE:A meant to him. "ZE:A are people whom I've known since I first came to the company, dressed in my school uniform. I'm 27 years old now, and it's been 10 years. They're just like family. Out in society, you tend to show your good side to people, but at home, you snap at your mom. When I'm with the members, I can be the real Park Hyungsik. We talk about everything, we say, 'This happened and that happened', we can tell one another, 'Drink and die', and open up our heart's secrets when we're together," he shared.

Hyungsik was then asked about ZE:A's failure to succeed as a group, answering, "Of course it would have been great if we'd done well, but I believe it was destined that way. We definitely did our best and were desperate, but it must just have been heaven's will. I think from here on is more important. But that's not to say that the time we spent up until now was for nothing. I think we all learned something from it. Such things will serve as a bigger stepping stone. If we had done well as a group, we may not be where we are now. There may be 9 of us here at this interview [instead of must me]. (Laughter). It's impossible to know the future, but just looking forward is what's important."

Finally, Hyungsik commented on his ambitions as a singer, "I still love singing, so I think I will continue to sing. I want to release a single album, and want to participate and put my own story in it. Because I want to cherish it, I want to take my time working on it. I will be able to greet [you] with OSTs for the time being."

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