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Posted by Patrick_Magee1 pt Monday, March 13, 2017

Six Male-Female Collaborations To Soundtrack Your Spring Fever

ChoA, Soyu, IU, NS Yoon-G, Jay Park, Geeks, MC Mong, Primary, HIGH4, Iron, DEAN, Heize
1. Geeks & Soyu of SISTAR: Officially Missing You, Too
This song has been a staple in the K-Pop world from the moment it was introduced, although its history is a bit deeper than one might think! Before it became a springtime hit that topped charts & spawned countless covers, it was American singer Tamia's 2004 single "Officially Missing You." Years later, South Korea decided to start putting its own spin on the song, with Geeks producing perhaps the most well-known version.
2. NS Yoon-G: Wifey (feat. MC Mong)
This song's production and melodies draw from an American mega-collaboration, Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule's classic "I'm Real" remix (which itself interpolates Rick James' 70s hit "Maryjane"). Although the throwback vibe is there, Yoon-G and MC Mong make it all their own, with his clever raps making a perfect match for her sultry voice.
3. Primary: Don't Be Shy (feat. ChoA of AOA & IRON)
This reggae tune from innovative producer Primary pairs AOA's ChoA with rapper Iron, and the results are a dreamy masterpiece. The song, which finds lovers getting used to each other, at one point builds ChoA's voice into an echo-filled wall of sound for a cool "fading away" effect unheard in the usual K-pop fare.
4. Jay Park: Solo (feat. Hoody)
Solo superstar Jay Park met up with indie sensation Hoody for this track, a fun and funky song that sounds like DJ Mustard meeting in the middle with Daft Punk. Jay sounds right at home over the sound, and Hoody lends it a certain credibility and cool that just can't be bought. If you're not one of those that thinks spring is for lovebirds, it's the perfect song for you.
5. Heize: Shut Up and Groove (feat. DEAN)
After making a huge splash with an appearance on "Unpretty Rapstar" in 2015, Heize tore up the music charts in 2016 with a string of back-to-back singles including two with R&B phenomenon Dean. This one finds the duo in a house music influenced mode, commanding the listeners to "Shut Up and Groove." You don't have to tell us twice!
6. IU & HIGH4: Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms
Of course, it wouldn't be a spring soundtrack without IU and HIGH4's cliché-callout anthem! This song, which unites the boys of HIGH4 with IU over acoustic R&B, became a mega-hit. It's one of an elite few songs that come back every spring to slay listeners again, right up there with Busker Busker's similarly themed "Cherry Blossom Ending."

  1. ChoA
  2. Soyu
  3. IU
  4. NS Yoon-G
  5. Jay Park
  6. Geeks
  7. MC Mong
  8. Primary
  9. HIGH4
  10. Iron
  11. DEAN
  12. Heize
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