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Posted by jennywill Saturday, March 25, 2017

'Produce 101's Lee Hae In confirms she has left HYWY Entertainment, will not be debuting with Lee Soo Hyun

'Produce 101's Lee Hae In�revealed she has left HYWY Entertainment.

She and Lee Soo Hyun, both originally from SS Entertainment, had left the label and signed together with HYWY Entertainment. However, after news came up that Lee Soo Hyun would be debuting soon, many were curious of Lee Hae In would be with her as well in the group.

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To clarify rumors and guesswork, Lee Hae In spoke up on her Instagram and said,

Hello, this is Lee Hae In.
I want to right some hate comments and misunderstandings, and I am writing this because I don't want to hurt everyone who have been with me and Soohyun.�
First of all, the reason why I left HYWY is because I have a trauma from all the problems while I was at SS. I was having a hard time, and I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.
After that, it was hard for me to live in a dorm, so I talked multiple times with the label and while I had to prepare to debut as a team, I could not have hard training because of both my mental and physical health issues. The hospital suggested I rest, and I was scared I would harm [the team] and I didn't know if I would be able to recover in a short time, so I told the label I wanted to be taken out of the debuting team.
The label took my condition into account and helped me in various ways. The members and the label worried about my condition more than anything else, and they accepted my requirements without any conditions, and left the possibilty of my debuting open when I recovered. Even after I left the label, they were worried about me and helped me at the drama filming that had already been scheduled. I want to confirm that nothing between us went badly like some people are thinking.
It wasn't that I had left after I debuted, but left as a trainee, so it was difficult for the label to make an official statement. We decided to do our best without making any statements, but I am writing because misunderstandings keep happening in the silence, and I think it's important to right it even if it's late.
Suhyun is currently preparing for her debut, so I can't see her, but I still talk to all the members and the staff, and I'm doing better than before!
I have recovered completely during 6 months of treatment and rest, and I am talking with the label about what to do from here. I am planning to come back with good news before the end of the year, so please wait for me just a little. And I hope everyone shows love to Soohyun's team, because they're such good, bright kids.
While I took my first break in 8 years, I realized how precious this was to me. I'm so thankful to my friends and fans who helped me win over this without giving up, and I'm writing this because I really am okay now, so I want to say you don't have to worry.
I'm sorry to Soohyun, who must have suffered from the lack of statements, and also to my fans, and I'm also grateful. I won't worry you from now on and only come back with good news!

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