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Netizens give mixed reactions toward Hara and Sulli's kiss on the lips

Sulli, Hara
At Sulli's birthday party, best friends Hara and Sulli kissed on the lips. The two stars are well known for their controversial social media activities and their recent smooch on the lips was expected to blow up another controversy. However, contrary to the popular belief, Korean netizens didn't jump to criticize the girls but rather showed mixed reactions.�

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One netizen commented, "Why does it seem cute to me ?.?;; I must be getting old."�

Some criticized�other netizens and stated, "You must've watched the live broadcast lol You wanna watch them hangout and also want to criticize them? lol", "Close girl friends kiss sometimes..", "What's wrong with that? Everyone's so nosy", "They kissed in S.E.S' music video lol Male idols do it often while joking around too..."

There were also some negative reactions. Comments stated,�"They're really insane;;", "I wonder if she knows today was KARA's 10th-anniversary... Why is she harming KARA's image that Kyuri, Seungyeon, and Nicole worked so hard to build... I know she's not the original member but still...", "They got nothing to do and just want attention."

Some netizens left comments about their sexual orientation. Comments said, "I think they're lesbians?", "I'm afraid the two will announce they''re dating in the future..", "It looks like they'll come out bisexual soon", "Are they dating??", "She must've gone from Choiza to liking girls..", "Now they're lesbians? Hara's out of her mind too", "They must've done it."

What was your reaction to Sulli and Hara's kiss on the lips?�

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