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[MV & Album Review] CNBLUE - '7 °CN / Between Us'

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, March 29, 2017   15,535   1,840   0



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The charming studs of CNBLUE are back and ready to amplify their classic K-Pop sound with a new sensational style. Their 7th mini album '7 °CN' features a wonderful collection of songs, including their promotional track "Between Us."

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1. Between Us

2. It's You

3 Calling You

4. When I was Young

5. Manito

6. Royal Rumble

"Between Us" delivers such an amazing sound that lets fans know that CNBLUE haven't faded into evanescence. The song was crafted brilliantly as it opens up with the addictive chorus shouting "It's confusing, why am I like this?" 

The song continues on with a simplistic instrumental that has vigorous guitar strumming that creates a build up for the listener. The song features a calm melody and intensifies towards the refrain which further enhances that addictive chorus. Check out the addicting track in their MV below.

The MV takes the minimalist approach which is more than fitting for the Korean boy band. The MV is fast paced and travels through various scenes like a whirlwind. The most attention-grabbing scenes actually involve the band playing their instruments rigorously and singing as the camera twists and turns around them. It symbolizes the fuzzy, chaotic round-and-round feeling they are expressing through their lyrics.

Just like the MV, the lyrics are impressive as well. The story is realistic as it bounces back and forth emotional with lines like "It's confusing - what is going on? Our unclear relationship, it gets me high" and "We even have cute nicknames for each other, but are we enjoying our distance?" The lyrics effortlessly portray the emotional ping pong battle that goes on in anyone's head when they are in love and trying to figure out where the relationship stands.

"Between Us" definitely wowed me and had me instantly hooked. With that in mind, there was an even higher anticipation for the '7 °CN' album and it didn't fail to impress either.

The fun continues with "It's You." To no surprise, it has a cheery Maroon5 vibe that makes it very easy on the ears. While the promotional track is a little more energized, this song is calming, bubbly and sweet. The light piano melody accompanied by their rhythmic finger snapping and smooth as butter vocals make this song a real delight. The "Whoa, oh-oh" and catchy "Hey" in the chorus will easily make "It's You" addicting as well.

Next comes "Calling You," a very strong, electric styled jam. The song offers a nice live-band feeling and CNBLUE have a unique way of singing the lyrics also. The song is just as gentle as their previous track was and calms the listener with its hypnotic sounds.

Soon after comes "When I Was Young." This song has an authentic K-Pop sound and also panders to today's trendy trap-like instrumentals with its synthetic back track. The song is sadly a bit basic and doesn't have a kick or catchy chorus that would have you wanting to play it on repeat. The rather cliche instrumental has more time on the track rather than CNBLUE's epic vocals, which is a pity.

The album continues with the lovely ballad "Manito." The track is just like any other ballad, soft, elegant with angelic vocals and harmonizing. "Manito" consists of a laid back melody with a very steady tempo and soft music style. It is a good filler for the album in the end.

Lastly, the album comes to a close with "Royal Rumble." The somewhat futuristic melody accompanied by their elongated, echoed vocals make the song slightly mystifying. It features a very synthetic, tropical instrumental that is more guitar heavy than anything else. The song is good but it also lacks a wow factor that would leave the listener feeling entirely impressed towards the end. It is a hit or miss track.

In the end, CNBLUE''7 °CN' is a great mini album. It contains a plethora of fun sounds, enjoyable lyrics and is easy to take in. CNBLUE proved they are artists with some surprises left under their sleeves and haven't lost their musical talent or interests over time. The album will definitely leave a lasting impression on old and new fans alike. Overall, half of this album needs to be added to my current playlist and that says a lot! 


MV Relevance..........8
MV Production.........8
MV Concept.............7
Album Production....10
Album Concept........9


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Aramis_cnblue Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seems billboard did a mistake praising this album. Maybe they should ask you.Guys don't rely on the article too much and listen to songs yourselves and judge it yourselves.

My_2nd_Self Wednesday, March 29, 2017

However, thanks for the effort! :)

My_2nd_Self Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sorry to say that, but this article is the most disappointing review I have seen. :(If you want a real review on CNBLUE 7CN album, read "Billboard" review on it:billboard ---> articles/columns/k-town/7735626/cnblue-7degcn-new-album-between-us-video

megamanx My_2nd_Self Thursday, March 30, 2017

The review is fine, it's just disappointing to you because you're a fan and if someone doesn't agree with you then they're automatically wrong.

My_2nd_Self megamanx Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear, I'm a fan of rock music and CNBLUE is one of my favorite rock groups. This article doesn't give any real musical review on the album and that is why it is disappointing for me. I'm not korean to be bound by kpop, I listen to whatever I like and it's a long time that I'm so done with kpop. I can't appreciate the shallow music atmosphere in kpop industry. It's just about the looks. But when I see an exception, I try to show it to others.

JungkookxYonghwa Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Manito is 'a good filler'? Royal Rumble is 'a hit or miss'? LOL sure. Just go home already...

shubhajan Wednesday, March 29, 2017

great score! congrats!

Aramis_cnblue Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thank you for the review. But I'm kinda amazed you didn't like the songs that are masterpiece in my opinion. Like "when I was young" and " royal rumble". And WIWY is praised by billboard besides "between us". In overall I really love this album and I'm so proud of being cnblue fan. Oh and you forget one thing: all songs of this album are mostly self composed and written by 3 members of 4. It's not something all idols can do😉

Shizuko_Arin Aramis_cnblue Thursday, March 30, 2017

I agree with you there as they have composed their songs themselves which a great thing to do especially for an idol band

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