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Members of VAV, B.I.G, and HUB criticized for interrupting NCT Dream's winning speech on 'The Show'

By yckim124   Tuesday, February 28, 2017   123,641   7,003   140



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Members of VAV, B.I.G, and HUB are being criticized for their actions during NCT Dream's winning speech on 'The Show'.

On February 28 episode of the music program, NCT Dream took the trophy home. As always, the winner was given time for a speech. Unfortunately, many netizens claim they weren't able to focus on NCT Dream because of the disruptive act of fellow idols. 

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First, a member of B.I.G is captured playing around in the back with his tie around his ears while Mark gives words of appreciation.

B.I.G continue to joke around by putting paper flakes into each other's mouths. A member of HUB is also captured playing around by putting the paper flake on her face like a mustache. 

She then bursts into laughter for an unknown reason. 

A VAV member is also found gesturing to fans, laughing and smiling while Chen Le gives the speech in Chinese. 

Netizens are finding their inattentiveness incredibly rude. On an online community, netizens commented, "I know they didn't win but they need to have some manners", "They know they're on camera. I don't understand why they acted so unmannerly", "It's a precious winning moment. They need to think before they act", "Are they being rude because NCT Dream's babies? They're all so unmannerly", "Ah... no manners at all. They're rude to both NCT Dream and the viewers."

Watch the controversial winning speech above. Do you also find their actions problematic? 

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Jimin_luv7 Sunday, March 5, 2017

ғor real тнey are all нavιng ғυn ѕoo pleaѕe ѕтop wιтн тнιѕ negaтιve wordѕ, ιғ тнe oтнer ιdolѕ or ncт мeмвerѕ dιdn'т ѕay anyтнιng тнen wнy тнe нecĸ wrιтe тнιѕ negaтιve тнιngѕ!? all тнe ғanѕ ғroм тнoѕe ιdol groυpѕ wrre тнere ѕo oғ coυrѕe тнey are goιng тo нave ғυn wιтн тнe ғanѕ and ιт'ѕ тнe end oғ тнe ѕнow and every groυp playѕ aroυnd!!~ and ι alѕo coυld нear ncт dreaм мeмвerѕ тalĸιng perғecтly ѕooo pleaѕe ѕтop мaĸιng тнe oтнer groυpѕ looĸιng вad and dιѕrepecтғυl!!!

bluenavy Wednesday, March 1, 2017

it's happen all the time... groups always fool around during the final stage of the music show

hiroonakamura Wednesday, March 1, 2017

wait, so people are actually claiming that the NCT members couldn't focus on their speech because people who were way BEHIND them, were doing things that the NCT members couldn't even see? wow

Smartbutstupid Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I saw the win in the show just know and i didn't see anything disrespectful, if u consider these groups having fun eventhough they didn't win and are trying very hard to succeed in the kpop industry disrespectful then wow you've got to open your eyes this is just a music show and if maybe they did that in a award show then maybe just maybe u can say they were a little bit rude eventhough i don't even see your point of view. Stop being so stuck up and live a little my god. You have nothing good to comment  so u instigate the public and make nonsensical rubbish type comments that make people laugh through their asses coz of the stupidity thats present in the comments/rubbish u wrote.

_CLeO Wednesday, March 1, 2017

That VAV member's mint hair and Mark's straight hair is my type of aesthetic

MTaeNo Wednesday, March 1, 2017

yeah it's rude.. BUT let's not make it a big deal! if they idols does not care about it why should you guys?

Hyungshi Wednesday, March 1, 2017

lmao it's called having fun and a good time at the show... stupid KNETZ or perhaps is a couple of the freak fans causing the usual problems

SicaLicka Wednesday, March 1, 2017

they look like they are just having fun.....usually i'd troll and say something asshole-ish but i can't because nothing even happened

pink_oracle SicaLicka Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wouldn't that make the trolling all the more effective?

Hellotreasure Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Damn knetz, back at it again with the stupid ass assumptions 🙄

ThunderMaknae Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Interrupting? What? I don't know what kind of concept about interrupting netizens have but I swear I heard NCT Dream speech perfectly without InterruptionsIn ALL the shows the groups behind are acting cute for the fans and stuff, and no one complained. But now that they found some rookie groups doing fanservice suddenly they are being criticized.And the only excuse they have for this is the fact that NCT Dream members are minors and they are being ridiculized.

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