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Reviewer vs. Reviewer: Battle of the Big 3's New Generation Girl Groups

By AllK_Maknae   Friday, November 25, 2016   185,479   21,535   0



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While K-Pop consists of amazing girl groups in abundance, there are some that pave their way far beyond mainstream K-Pop power. These few groups have become a global phenomenon.

While we idolized groups like 4minute, KARA and Girls' Generation in the past (and some still do today), no one can deny that the three top girl groups today are none other than TWICE, Red Velvet, and newcomers Black Pink!

But what exactly makes them worthy of the title? Check out the reviewer opinions below for all three groups, resulting in who seems the most promising so far.

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3rd. Black Pink (YG) - 6.8 

They only have a handful of singles, which makes them hoobaes compared to the other lovely ladies in our lineup. From their music to their MVs, everything they do burns with attitude. However, Black Pink rank 3rd because they seem to be a bit overrated in the reviewers' opinions and haven't shown their full potential just yet. 

 Total MV - 6.5 

 EDWARD: Score - 6 Despite only releasing 4 MVs, it is quite clear that their style is flexible and out there. Despite the evidently distinct 2NE1-esque about them, the girls of Black Pink set fire to the scene with their unique fashion, sounds and dance moves to boot. While I enjoy all the glitz and glam, there is no underlying message or story to their already-heard-it lyrics. They don't go hand in hand, it is simply meant to wow you. 

 ERIC: Score - 7 Everything in their MVs is meant to draw the male gaze -- and they do that extremely well. Even in a toned-down offering like "Stay," their beauty is on obvious display. Beyond that, everything is flashy, stylized, and ultimately plotless. 

 Total Sound - 7 

 EDWARD: Score - 7 Although they sound excellent, I can't get over the feeling that it is still bumming off of 2NE1 a bit. Like it or not, Black Pink is YG's future 2NE1. It is a different sound that no one can easily replicate which is why Black Pink are trying to imitate them as much as possible. 

 ERIC: Score - 7 Their sound is extremely urban, much more so than other bands. Incorporating stomping house beats with trap and hip hop, the net effect is a ferocity that really grabs your attention. They have that club aesthetic that I love. 

 Total Live Performance - 7 

 EDWARD: Score - 7 Favorite Song - "Playing With Fire" 

I will admit, I am giving Black Pink a high score because the ladies own the stage and proved on more than one occasion that they can sing (Thank heavens)! Being exclusive to 'Inkigayo' - which I thought was a bit much, the girls still know how to put on a show, draw in the crowd's attention, Youtube views and fill out the stage in a well executed manner. However, I still feel they are overrated and that their first releases like "Boombayah" were nothing special. "Playing With Fire" made the difference.

 ERIC: Score - 7 Favorite Song - "Boombayah" 

But this is where they shine. Their debut stage of "Boombayah" on Inkigayo was bombastic. They pulled out all the stops, dancing around a ginormous head while mortars belched fire, confetti rained all around, and the LED screens painted a dynamic digital landscape. 


2nd. TWICE (JYP) - 7.1 

The lovely girls of TWICE place (ironically) 2nd and here is why! TWICE's debut had every ingredient needed to be a big hit. A great refrain, effortlessly sexy style, and charming vocals. But did JYP simply mesh together 9 beautiful girls that you can't stop loving no matter what? These girls debuted with the high-energy "Like OOH AHH," but they switched gears to happy and light and poppy became their signature sound since then.

 Total MV - 7 

 EDWARD: Score - 7 Regarding Eric's statement, TWICE released exciting MVs more than once in the past but "Cheer Up" is, without a doubt, pure ear candy! If "Like OOH AHH" didn't solidify their spot to fame, "Cheer Up" certainly did. However, their latest hit "TT" is a bit disappointing. People seem to only like "TT" because it is simply coming from TWICE. The MV and song are still cute enough for me! 

 ERIC: Score - 7 While I have to give them high marks for "Like OOH AHH" and the awesome zombie concept, I wasn't all that sold on the cheerleader schtick. The Halloween-themed "TT" was slicker, but not quite as fun as their debut. 

 Total Sound - 7 

EDWARD: Score - 7 JYP is no joke when it comes to weeding out vocalists. The girls all have a strong, sharp sound that varies from playful aegyo to sexy in a heartbeat, but I still wonder if some of the other members are capable of singing and that is why they suddenly started doing more cutesy, trendy songs rather than anything sophisticated. Still, songs like "Like OOH AHH" and even "Cheer Up" showcased that they are a bit different from the rest. 

 ERIC: Score - 7 Light, pop-oriented, radio-friendly, and fun. Their debut was fierce and incredible, sounding similar to Avril Lavigne or Pink -- loud, proud girl power anthems. They changed it up for a more accessible sound and it paid off. 

 Total Live Performance - 7.5 

EDWARD: Score 8 Favorite Song - "Like OOH AHH" 

Their lives are no joke! The girls know how to keep the audience engaged and have fun doing it. With 9 members it is easy to fill up the stage, so they do have an advantage over the other groups, but their in-sync choreography is always well done and attention grabbing. "Like OOH AHH" hands down out beats their other releases.

 ERIC: Score - 7 Favorite Song - "Like OOH AHH" 

Every performance is suffused with aegyo, which can be good or bad. The dance moves are a bit lackluster, but I love the way they position themselves at the start: each member hidden behind another to be suddenly revealed. 

 1st. Red Velvet (SM) - 8 

The 5 ladies of Red Velvet take home the gold in the reviewers' book for many reasons. Despite originally debuting as a 4 member girl with the tragedy titled "Happiness," the girls did a complete 180* and shifted their style. Coming back stronger and dignified, the girls redeemed themselves with their vocals in "Be Natural" and found their fun identity in the songs "Ice Cream Cake" and "Dumb Dumb Dumb." 

 Total MV - 7.5 

 EDWARD: Score - 8 All of Red Velvet's MVs contain something whimsical, outstanding and aesthetically pleasing. Delighting all of our senses, MVs like "Dumb Dumb Dumb" and "Russian Roulette" are hypnotically unique and have some Japanese-influenced styles that make them more attractive and fun. Let's not forget their intricate choreography. What is not to love? 

 ERIC: Score - 7 Their videos are almost uniformly brightly colored and vibrant. Even slower pieces like "Automatic" have interesting camera effects. Typical of SM, they don't skimp on quality to save a few won. The only thing is "Russian Roulette" is downright unsettling, thanks to some of the blank stares. 

 Total Sound - 8.5 

 EDWARD: Score - 9 As I mentioned earlier "Happiness" was a rocky debut for me, even though Eric found it fun. Their vocals were alright but altogether the song was annoying and turned me away real fast. Fortunately, they revamped themselves with the elegant track "Be Natural" and really proved they could sing. Their vocals stole the show from there on in and I haven't looked back or doubt any member's vocals since then. 

 ERIC: Score - 8 They showed off their range quite nicely upon their debut when they released their first single "Happiness." Two months later, the girls come back with "Be Natural," a sultry R&B track. 'The Red' showcases their pop tunes ("bold and vivid"), whereas 'The Velvet' contains slow R&B and ballads ("classy and toned-down"). 

 Total Live Performance - 8 

 EDWARD: Score - 8 Favorite Song: "Dumb Dumb Dumb" 

Red Velvet are a sensation on the stage! With jaw-dropping dance routines, powerhouse vocals that hold to the steady tune and fashionable outfits, it is everything K-Pop is known to be! They never disappoint on the stage and are flexible in their images and concepts for each song. SM knew what they were doing when they created the Red Velvet masterpiece. Although "Ice Cream Cake" did grab the world's attention, it was "Dumb Dumb Dumb" that sealed the deal and earned them their top spot!


 ERIC: Score - 8 Favorite song - "Ice Cream Cake"

 I do share my fellow reviewer's enthusiasm for their live shows. The choreo is always lively and dynamic, and the moves look deceptively simple. I like how confident they are -- it's not done halfway. They seem quite accomplished, even when dancing in lit-up furs for "Ice Cream Cake." 

After reading the review, who do you think deserves the top spot out of the special three? While the reviewers came to an agreement on their final choice, they seemed to go back and forth with what song actually made the group so special and which concept helped them out beat the rest! Let us know who you would choose in the comments below!

  1. Red Velvet
  2. TWICE
  3. Black Pink

Ms_Tulip Sunday, February 5, 2017

Red Velvet, i love you!

Cassiopeia_Maple Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh man, akp needs to fix their layout.  It's a disaster.

Cassiopeia_Maple Thursday, December 1, 2016

Twice is the first based on popularity atm.  Second place will be a fierce battle between RV and BP.

FreshQueen Tuesday, November 29, 2016

IOI is more popular than red velvet and blackpink in Korea and are almost as popular as twice. I wonder how big they would've got if they didn't have to disband:'(

Kura2654 Sunday, November 27, 2016

current ranking is alright since both twice and BP are still rookies just wait for later in their careers bc twice is currently riding their success wave (very well) and BP needs to sort of find themselves in terms of what separates them from 2ne1 besides personalities and background info

thealigirl8 Sunday, November 27, 2016

Personally, it would be Black Pink 1st, Twice 2nd, and Red Velvet 3rd for me

applefrapple1234 Saturday, November 26, 2016

1. Mamamoo2. Red Velvet3. Twice

blackjack_doomey applefrapple1234 Sunday, November 27, 2016

umm.. didnt you read the title? "Battle of the Big 3's New Generation Girl groups"?

alwayskeepfaith Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where is the downvote button for an article when I need one... If the reviewers are just going to pick their favorites without giving honest analysis, then what is the point of this article?

Squattingpanda Saturday, November 26, 2016

this is just my opinion...but i personally think 1 - blackpink, 2- red velvet, 3- twice

KatM Saturday, November 26, 2016

I'd like BP a lot more if they weren't literally 2NE1 2.0, and I feel like that's exactly why a lot of people like BP. Same deal, different faces.

gigi9 KatM Saturday, November 26, 2016

What about Twice? Aren't they the exact same as SNSD they were even chosen as 9 members purposely and doing the aegyo game just how SNSD did in the beginning even in cheer up they had the same outfits as SNSD's "OH" , at least BP come from the same company and has the same producer that is the reason to the similarity but why does twice being too similar to SNSD when they are under JYP? Why is it okay for many groups other than TWICE to copy SNSD and do their concept but not okay when one group does 2ne1's concept?

TWICElove gigi9 Sunday, November 27, 2016

Twice is different company,and why BP stan are so rude try to bring twice down,this comment even not mentioned twice at all,stop being cocky ok??

NCasey gigi9 Monday, November 28, 2016

that's exactly what I said! JYP ripped off SNSD's setup to make Twice the same way YG made BlackPink 2NE1 2.0 at least they copied their own formula

TWICElove NCasey Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well,if you think that every group have 9 member then you must be hater plus stupid, i don't think twice looks like snsd at all, and also bp is bp , they are all unique group, stop make your comment more pointless.

TWICElove NCasey Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well,if you think that every group have 9 member is copy snsd, then you must be hater plus stupid, i don't think twice looks like snsd at all, and also bp is bp , they are all unique group, stop make your comment more pointless.

NCasey TWICElove Tuesday, December 6, 2016

lets not act like 9 members isn't something significant to SNSD, their cheerleading concept outfits were virtually identical to SNSD all they needed were some thigh high boots

TWICElove NCasey Tuesday, December 6, 2016

So when snsd done this concept before,they can't do it??wow,don't act like they create all the concept they done,ok?

NCasey TWICElove Friday, January 27, 2017

with the exact same outfits -__-

TWICElove NCasey Saturday, January 28, 2017

Well,so they can't do cheerleader concept just bcs they done it?? so may i ask you, snsd create their outfit and concept??

RedVelutionary gigi9 Friday, March 17, 2017

For Twice to be SNSD, they need a cute kid leader/paper human, an adorable "energy pill," a sweet an optimistic English speaker, a cool dancing queen, a very unique girl that auditioned by making dinosaur noises (and got through), a hilarious girl with a stunning figure, a carefree beautiful goddess, and an intelligent and mature but cute maknae. And for SNSD to be Twice, they need a sweet oldest member, an energetic and hilarious rapper, a stunningly beautiful maknae, a chic member that seems fierce but has a lovable personality, a sexy savage, a dorky and cute ballerina, a leader with great vocals and hips, a charismatic rap star, and an irresistably adorable shy~shy~shy girl. IDK, this is my opinion, but I think they're quite different :) (Thx for listening to my long rant hehe)

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