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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 2

By beansss   Tuesday, November 8, 2016   18,682   2,870   3



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Here we go with episode 2 of 'Entourage'! Things are really starting to look up for this drama! In a matter of 2 episodes, the storytelling has managed to provide plenty in terms of pulling viewers in and inviting us to empathize with the key characters. The main characters are becoming much more rounded; they're not so black and white anymore, as much as they're just, well, human!

The Mink Cactus. Women enjoy growing them in their homes. Why? Because well, they look like a man's...

So it turns out, I was wrong about Kim Eun Gap (Jo Jin Woong)! He's not the bad guy here! In fact, the second episode gave us a lot of insight into the kind of person Eun Gap really is, despite his boisterous and obnoxious demeanor on the outside. We learn that Eun Gap actually has a lot of trust in Young Bin, and vice versa. Eun Gap also shows us his character when he confronts the former employee of his management company who left to create his own label. While the former employee is backstabbing, gossipy, and involved in dirty trade behind the entertainment industry like sponsoring, Eun Gap is none of that. He's actually on Young Bin's side. And here, just when we thought Eun Gap was the boss man with the reins, there's a woman who is actually Eun Gap's higher up. Potential for new antagonistic action?

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Much like Eun Gap, Young Bin's (Seo Kang Jun) character gains shape and form in this second episode. So he's not as big of a jackass as I thought he came off to be in the first episode (my bad). The episode hints here and there that Young Bin's strong suit, which may also be his weak suit, is actually his great character as a person. We see a little of it during baseball player Kim Kwang Hyun's cameo, when Young Bin negotiates a proper coaching session with the player. We see it when he flat out rejects an offer to join the new label, out of loyalty for Eun Gap. Still, Young Bin wasn't exactly treating Ho Jin any better this episode. But there were plenty of yes and no moments for the guy that he is starting to make me laugh and pout with him. 

Here's your next movie role: a black, furry tiger and his Korean, mythological version of the Avengers saves Joseon!

Ho Jin's (Park Jung Min) become more obedient toward Eun Gap. It might have to do with his resolve to really do his sorta-manager job properly. He's also dealing with a new love interest who magically appears out of nowhere, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one still rooting for him and his girlfriend to somehow make amends again. Oh! Here's also where miss Joy Jung (f(x)'s Amber) first appears! She's currently working in the office for Eun Gap, but Eun Gap mentions that her goal is to become a manager in the business. Which means she's now directly competing with Ho Jin! Meanwhile, poor Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) is really down in the dumps about his career. I think the drama should be careful not to make Cha Jun's story too sad because then it's going to lose the comical aspect. We'll see how those auditions Eun Gap got for him at the end of the episode play out. 

Hey Young Bin, how about a llama as your next manager?

The episode in general was paced in such a way that with every turn of events, viewers were either laughing and cheering or pouting and cursing with the main protagonists. If I was the only one eye-rolling when Young Bin found out Ahn So Hee (Sohee) might be doing the same damn movie he and Eun Gap have been fighting about all episode, then bite me. That was definitely the biggest Young-Bin-gets-everything-his-way moment of the series yet. But then, at the very end, when he sees So Hee with Kang Ha Neul (supposedly by name, but it doesn't seem like they got him to actually cameo) and Eun Gap says they're dating, that was probably the first time I actually felt bad for Young Bin. Sure, his problems with women because of Sohee is all one-sided, but still, that hurt. 

My naturally puppy-dog eyes and pouty lips just slayed this scene. 

There's a lot of ups and downs going on, but it's in a good way. (Okay, is Young Bin really doing that superhero tiger movie? And do sasaeng fans really barge in on celebrities' houses pretending to be realtors?) For the most part, Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi) is still an undeveloped character. There weren't as many cameos in this episode, which I thought was a unique touch to the drama's structure last episode. But like I mentioned before, this drama is starting to take flight, at a pretty steady pace. I'm excited for more of those ups and downs (and when a woman with some sense finally gives Young Bin a good smack in the face). And anyone, who is reluctant to watch this drama because of its lack of typical-handsome-guy meets typical-pretty-girl romance is missing out on some fun!




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Lost_in_Paradise Thursday, November 10, 2016

I was looking forward to it and I'm not disappointed, it's a light drama and it's just what I need every once in a while to keep my spirits up.

Fatimaaxo Thursday, November 10, 2016

I actually really enjoy this Seo Kang Jun precious eyes + Kwangsoo's character make this show so good

risongyi Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is why am liking this drama, there seems to be no cinderella plot, I love it !!!

The End



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