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Yewon reveals why she cried when Kwanghee joined 'Infinity Challenge'

By alice101   Friday, October 14, 2016   59,072   3,274   23



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Yewon talked about how she cried when Kwanghee was selected to join MBC's 'Infinity Challenge' as a new member. 

On the October 14 episode of 'Bae Sung Jae's Ten' radio show, Yewon was asked, "Do you think Kwanghee can be successful in 'Infinity Challenge' as a 'variety cheat key'?" She answered, "Yes!" without any hesitation. 

She then confessed, "When he got selected in the Six Men' series, I was watching at home, and I cried. I just felt moved....I felt proud of him."  

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She explained, "I called him and told him that he did a great job...I said, 'This is only the beginning. Good luck.'" She added, "He got selected because he has a lot of potential. I am excited about his future." 

When the DJ jokingly asked, "Are you sure you didn't cry because you were jealous?" Yewon joked back, "Not at all. I was in no position to feel jealous. I was just at home with no work."

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mayasitagultom Thursday, November 3, 2016

He do better than indonesian celebrity. I feel it everytime i watch his shows he never changed that make me sure that he show us the real him. he doesnt make his famous through overact

chiyasuho Saturday, October 15, 2016

Some people said he didn't bring anything to the show,but for he really did well he try his best doing mission and that what makes me proud of him.He dosent over react

ASawDude chiyasuho Saturday, October 15, 2016

That's great and all, but just ''doing your best'' on missions is not what variety shows want. Look at 2days1night. If the members did the missions they were given with 0 complaints the show would've failed. That's why when you don't say much idols as regulars on shows because of the Sunbae/Hyung aspect, and their brainwashed with manners.

chiyasuho ASawDude Sunday, October 16, 2016

Well I can see kwanghee isn't the annoying type that like to make stupid jokes. But I love him

ASawDude Friday, October 14, 2016

I wouldn't be surprised if IC gave kwanghee a choice. You can stay on IC, but you don't get payed or you can just leave. Because they're still trying to do some damage control with leaving members, and I think until they can get Se Hyung situated or find a replacement for Kwanghee that's what they're doing. And if you're gonna say what no? Kwangee's doing fine. Well would you give an office job as an employer to someone that doesn't know how to use a computer..

starempress ASawDude Friday, October 14, 2016

No the condition for his joining IC was he leave his SBS positions. Before IC he had a permanent position as Inkigayo MC and on the Star King panel (for at least 3 years), two really big shows... when he chose to take the IC position and leave SBS, there were stories about how 9Muses were badly treated when they went to perform on Inkigayo.

Tulane ASawDude Saturday, October 15, 2016

Do you even know about the lawsuit that Yoo Jae Suk keeps on submitting an appeal for? It's about his former agency not giving him his payments for the variety shows that he previously appeared in. Isn't it ironic that IC would give such choice for Kwanghee? And it's not unknown to us the big role that Yoo Jae Suk plays in IC so do you seriously think that Yoo Jae Suk would allow such a thing? And it's funny that you even used such phrase "Well would you give an office job as an employer to someone that doesn't know how to use a computer.". In case you forgot it was the members who voted for Kwanghee to be the Sixth Man.

Tulane starempress Saturday, October 15, 2016

There was no condition. It was his choice to leave those shows. He had to leave Star King because it was not right to appear at two shows that is aired at the same time though it was not yet confirmed that he would be chosen. It's simply a gamble that he took. Please don't make it sound that he gave up those shows (shows from a rival network) so that he could increase the chances of him winning the Sixth Man competition. And for the way Inkigayo treated 9Muses, thats just Inkigayo being salty and all and its not the first time that Inkigayo did such a thing. They also banned Big Bang over something so simple.

ASawDude Tulane Saturday, October 15, 2016

''In case you forgot it was the members who voted for Kwanghee to be the Sixth Man.'' I admit I was a fan of kwanghee when he first started. Btw Jae Suk isn't in charge of anything. Imagine you're the person in charge of IC. And you see kwanghee having 0 relevance to the show. Would you pay him as much as the rest of the other members? They're probably still paying him, but it's probably a dirt cheap amount so they don't get caught with ''Slavery''. Just saying there's 2 sides to variety shows. One side is the person going on that show, and it's a work day and they need the paycheck. The Second side is the honor of being on that variety show, and getting yourself exposure. The 1st side are the veterans, the regulars on those shows. The 2nd side is probably a rookie idol. If you're a rookie idol, and got to go on that show and they forgot to pay you. Would you bother contacting them about the missing pay(exclude the agency)? Now using these examples maybe 90% of celebrities would want kwanghee's spot, and wouldn't ask for pay.

Tulane ASawDude Sunday, October 16, 2016

YJS isn't in charge of anything? Then why do we have members complaining how the writers only discuss and shares the scripts with YJS or how the camera man focuses only YJS or how filming stops when YJS needs to go to the bathroom but for the other the filming goes on. That's to much treatment for someone who isn't in charge of anything for the show. And again when Jung Hyung Don was having thoughts of quitting the show way back in 2012 because "fans" felt the guy was "unfunny" it was TEO PD and Yoo Jae Suk who convinced the guy to stay. Why do you even expect that Kwanghee would be pay as much as the other members who was already there for the past 10 years? Isn't it the exact same thing that happens in the office. New employees are paid less than those old employees. Would you bother contacting them about the missing pay? In the first place this is the reason they have agencies or managers. They are the ones who are responsible for this kind of matter. Secondly, its completely unprofessional of the show to NOT pay someone they hired in the first place. And if any celebrity thinks of Infinity Challenge only as a "training ground" to be a good entertainer or like you said as a place of exposure only and having no intention of being a regular of the show, I guarantee you that celebrity would be receiving so much hate by the time he/she leaves the show.

ASawDude Tulane Sunday, October 16, 2016

You seriously didn't understand my comment at all. That's why I'm saying ''what if'' scenarios. But, first no YJS isn't in charge of anything. He's just the main star of the show, and IC just gives him the star treatment. You're using the words ''In Charge'' wrong. He doesn't decide who gets kicked off the show, and who gets hired on the show. He definitely has a say, but if IC disagrees with his opinion well that's the end of it. Obviously if YJS says I don't really think Kwanghee is fit for the show, he has no relevance to the show. IC probably already knew that, but they'll probably sit Kwanghee down, and say well man you gotta step it up or else. But, in their current scenario they can't really do that. They need to get some stability back before doing anymore replacing or hiring of members. That's why they haven't announced Se Hyung as a new member because they wanted to see him naturally come in. And to my ''what if'' scenario. Let's say you're a Rookie Idol Tulane. What if IC called you because oh a rookie idol special or something. YOU YOURSELF if IC says well we can't really pay you because you're just a rookie idol. Would you say ''Oh ok then fuck you I'm not going on the show''. Now imagine you're a veteran. Someone who already has a lot of other shows they're on, Pretend you're Kim Gura or something. Now if they call you and say you can come on the show, but no pay. I highly doubt you would go because what that means is ok I'll go on the show for exposure then. Well Kim Gura doesn't need exposure his names known everywhere. OBVIOUSLY the show has to pay everyone because of ''Slavery Rule'', but I'm just saying think of the scenario.

Tulane ASawDude Monday, October 17, 2016

Sorry to say that the way you use "the what if scenarios" is not really helping you win this argument because of the simple reason that most of your "what if scenarios" are not that realistic in the first place so why would you expect me to take them seriously? We are talking about reality here not some kind of imaginary world. And I really don't understand this ROOKIE IDOL you keep bringing up. It's completely irrelevant to the discussion because it seems to me that you are labeling Kwanghee as a ROOKIE IDOL which he is not. He debuted way back January 2010 so this "what if you are rookie idol" doesn't make your arguments stronger because like I said Kwanghee is not a ROOKIE IDOL. I guess you are not aware that Kim Tae Ho is not the type of person who throws away people who other people label as "useless". Let me share with you something that Kim Tae Ho said in the past in a lecture last April 23 2016. Kim TEO PD notes that “There were people that protested, asking me why I continued to keep Jung Hyung Don around. However right from the start, we were a gathering of people that were deficient in numerous areas. To then turn around and evaluate people on their merits, keeping the people that do well and throwing out the people that weren’t performing, was something that I felt reflected the real world too much. If someone was to leave then someone else had to be the bottom rung of the ladder. So we protected him(JHD) as best as we could and kept him onboard.” And in case you are also not aware, Kim Tae Ho also "defended" Kwanghee. In regard to Kwanghee who recently joined, PD Kim Tae Ho said, "Do you think it's possible for Kwanghee to be comfortable amongst people who have known each for more than ten years and know what they're thinking just by looking at their eyes? Kwanghee also has a large age gap with the rest of the members. It's largely our (the producers) fault for not being able to create conditions Kwanghee can do well in." PD Kim Taeho also revealed that a person who's close in age to Kwanghee and will have an important role to play in the members' chemistry will be appear in this week's broadcast.

nami_chan Friday, October 14, 2016

kwanghee fighting!!

xhsisamanie Friday, October 14, 2016

moon_luv Friday, October 14, 2016

Kwanghee truly has so much potential and he's proven that through all his guest appearances on other shows. I just wish he was more confident on IC. I wanna see the old him.

k_kid moon_luv Friday, October 14, 2016

I feel like his confidence dropped more ever since Yang Se Hyung started to appear on the show. Cause he's been getting more positive reactions from viewers than Kwanghee did even though he's been on the show longer.

kimmiefonze moon_luv Friday, October 14, 2016

He's only 27 and he'll improve as the years go by.

Kwangtos k_kid Friday, October 14, 2016

Really? I feel the opposite. I think Yang Se Hyung's addition has helped him feel more at ease. Plus, he's said so himself. And I agree-- he is young. He has his entire future to improve.

starempress moon_luv Friday, October 14, 2016

If he was the old him, people would call him arrogant, he tones it down and people say he's losing his confidence.... he just can't win

starempress kimmiefonze Friday, October 14, 2016

"Improve as the years go by"??? He's been working hard on it for the past 6 years

ephiasus07 moon_luv Friday, October 14, 2016

dont worry.. he has the top sunbaenims in variety industry who will guide him... <3

k_kid Kwangtos Saturday, October 15, 2016

I'm pretty sure he's said that just for the sake of broadcast. I don't see him really try to make the effort of jumping into a conversation as he did prior to Yang Se Hyung appearing on the show. This is just my opinion.

beautiful_flower Friday, October 14, 2016

go kwanghee oppa go go

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