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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 6

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, October 11, 2016   28,673   7,573   25



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'The K2' is only getting better as episode 6 sent viewers into a frenzy. Daring escapes, druggings, the truth behind a terrible past finally revealed, a possible death and even a touch of romance - the plot got crazy, real quick! 'The K2' is becoming a show best saved before dinner time because all my meals have gone cold as I watch each scene with undying anticipation of what's to come.

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In episode 5, Je Ha is entering 'Cloud 9,' a secret base below J.S.S. Security. While I was awaiting deathly attacks, some sort of unique training facility - anything epic - I was left puzzled as it was just a spacious, glass box where Yoo Jin has her meetings. Boring.

Although it seemed a bit pointless, there was more than meets the eye in this case. Turns out this glass box called 'Mirror' is actually an AI interface, which stores all the secrets and information involving the Korean government and important people, that only obeys Yoo Jin's voice commands. The glass box is also bullet proof and soundproof, making it virtually impossible for any information to be leaked unless done so by someone present. The writer's imagination goes above and beyond with some of the gadgets in this show... unless, they do exist?

This the look that Nicki Minaj is talking about when she says "The panties coming off - off!"

Before Je Ha enters the room, Yoo Jin makes you lose all emotions of pity towards her as she shows her bitch side again. Yoo Jin reveals her plan to take out the other CEOs  by staging accidents, firing and preventing them from acquiring jobs, revealing sex tapes of cheating CEOs to their family and kids (Like, WTF?! Girl, you so crazy! I swear to the LAWD!), and creating lawsuits against them. Everything continued to escalate as the characters, including myself, were in utter disbelief - but they still follow through with her commands.

I will say that this drama is excellent at exaggerating Yoo Jin's power, both politically and manipulatively. I also enjoy that, although loyal, you can see the clear disgust or discontent in her subordinates faces. I wonder if any of these characters are awaiting her downfall as much as we are?

She got a mean side eye. Thank God she is not my boss.

Out of this whole episode, the scene in the glass box is the most deeply rooted scene into Je Ha's past so far and we must revisit it. Yoo Jin offers Je Ha the opportunity to ask Mirror any question he'd like as long as he answered her this, "What is your reason for wanting to kill Park Gwan Soo?" Good question, Yoo Jin. Yet again, she plays another game, but I am always taken aback by Je Ha's willingness to bend, give in, and show Yoo Jin more of himself. Perhaps this information is just too priceless to pass up?

As the scene carries out, the audience already thinks they are in the know, but we learn even more than we could expect about Je Ha's story. His lover, Raniya, was killed for interpreting classified information that others weren't meant to hear, that we know of. But what caught everyone off guard is that it turns out Park Gwan Soo sold weaponry to these criminals in Iraq in exchange for something vital. 

After negotiations, Park Gwan Soo had the gang leader kill Raniya and they even attacked and framed Je Ha to make it look like he did it! Sufferin' succotash, that's despicable! Afterwards, even the Black Stone Ops. unit turned against Je Ha and imprisoned him.

Quite an impressive performance of rage, sadness and despair all at once!

Luckily, Je Ha was able to escape, hide out with refugees, travel through Turkey and hide out again in Spain before returning to Korea. The most emotional turning point of this episode is when Je Ha reveals the worst - before leaving the room Je Ha tells Yoo Jin he was the one who introduced Raniya to the Black Stones and got her involved in this mission. 

If I had a soul, I honestly would've cried during that flashback scene as he lays over Raniya's lifeless body in the desert sands. This whole episode was just devastating and it was only 30 minutes in!

Episode 6 is probably one of the most unforgettable episodes in the series so far as it contained so much excitement and confidential information in so little time. Every transition lead into something more dramatic, breathtaking, and unexpected - which is a winning style I look for in K-dramas.

While all this digging into Je Ha's storyline was happening, Anna escaped! She pulled a fast one on J4 by drugging her tea and going into her room to steal her earpiece, uniform, badge, wallet and sunglasses. She might be more of a badass than Je Ha! While I thought the sunglasses were just for a sense of fashion, Anna planned ahead as it was actually to protect her from flashing lights that cause her episodes.

Episode 6 uncovered a lot regarding everyone's past, but Anna's is as ambiguous as ever. Anna's reasons for escape is precious as she plans to meet her father at a church funeral he is attending. Yet, we all know that her father has no intention or desire to see her. I think the bitter relationship between Anna and Jang Se Joon is more realistic and intensified since it is left unanswered.

Although Anna's flashbacks portray Jang Se Joon in a loving light, it raises suspicions among viewers as we wonder why there was a sudden change? Is it really because of Yoo Jin's doing or is is it affecting his own agenda, image, and presidency?

Future episodes will bring peace to our minds once Anna and Jang Se Joon finally confront each other, but until then it makes for a great thought-provoking portion of the drama. If the drama just hands out answers, there is nothing to discuss after all.

I pout this way on first dates that suck, too.

While there are still things left to discuss such as Anna's confrontation at the church and even visiting the old photo studio and uncovering her family secrets, let's talk about the kiss scene between Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) and Anna (YoonA) instead!

While the scene was completely left field, it was also pretty tame. We all believed that Anna was having another mental episode regarding her past, as she seemed short of breath and suddenly collapsed. Unbeknownst to just about everyone, Anna has a strawberry allergy and Je Ha brought her strawberry ice-cream. #YouDonGoofed

The way the rest of the situation carried out was meant to be more unique I'm sure, but no matter how many times they slowed down the moment, replayed the scene from different angles and gave it a romantic blurred filter, it seemed lame to me. It wasn't overdone and sugar coated in romance but resuscitating someone is not romantic either.

In the end, it wasn't an actual kiss kiss (as 4th grade as that sounds) and I think viewers can agree. It happened... but not really. I will be expecting an intense, dramatic kiss scene in the future episodes to come! My bets on episode 8. Until then, we will be waiting at our computers wondering if true love's kiss (and an ambulance) will awaken Anna and save her from her strawberry death.

*Whispers gently* "Kiss me, you fool."






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teleri Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dear KDrama trope people - CPR is NOT, I repeat NOT indicative of romantic interest nor does it actually count as a 'kiss' scene.  Really.   Yoona's not CONSCIOUS for one biggie!!!!  I do love this drama so far!  Totally intriguing - that evil stepmom is amazingly evil, yet she's nuanced - I just love the actress.  Yoona's doing a great job as the hidden child.  And then of course, OMG Ji Chang Wook!  Just no words.  I've had to rewatch SEVERAL scenes cause I forgot to read the subtitles LOL  He's such a good actor and he's doing a fantastic job in the action scenes!   Just love this drama!

elf4ever20 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FALL IN LOVE WITH GODDESS YOONA'S ACTING !! she is so multitalented and one of the best asian actresses for sure. her acting and singing touching my heart!

elf4ever20 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

the k2 is DAEBAK~~ this is one of the Best kdramas 2016

chekas1292 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Omg I love this review.. "If I had a soul.."  I was thinking the exact same thing when that flash back scene appeared and all I could do was glue my eyes to the screen.. normal people would've probably cried with him, but I was just too impressed with his acting. Like wow.. I don't even cry like that in real life, how can he cry like that when acting?! Amazing.

SUJUshinee4ever Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I have become a fan of song yoon ah! The lady is acting so well, you find yourself hating her, pitying her and sympathising with her all at the same time! And yes! Please will people stop calling mouth to mouth breathing a kiss? IT IS NOT A KISS! otherwise paramedics and docs are all the time kissing strangers. does it make any sense? -_- Kdramas need to stop romanticising live saving techniques

beautiful_flower Wednesday, October 12, 2016

i cried so much when yoona sung and when i saw her past and when she beleived that who bough the ice cream is her dad and sm please please give yoona more parts in snsd song and give her a solo album with a creative mv please !!!!!

Popomon beautiful_flower Wednesday, October 12, 2016

She got very beautiful voice and face. If I am Je Ha I sure wont stop look at her

beautiful_flower Popomon Wednesday, October 12, 2016


landoxenf Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Goddess Yoona is a brilliant actress and singer. she singing Amazing grace wow, her acting and voice touching my heart. i was crying. this ep.6 is amazing!

pamelkpop2012 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

► Episode 6: the most memorable scenes: Yoona singing Amazing grace, wow so amazing acting and singing!! i was watching and crying agan and again. this scene was so sad and epic, this scene Breaks my heart, PERFECT! she is an Amazing actress and singer. Also remember about her life with her mom and dad scene, ice cream scene and cpr scene were so memorable, yoona and ji chang wook's chemistry is wonderful. good job bang bang couple and Mr Cho seong-ha!!

landoxenf pamelkpop2012 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

no matter how many times i watch that scene where goddess Yoona (Go anna) is singing so great and excellent! her voice is amazing and her acting is perfect! that scene is memorable! my heart breaks and tears start rolling uncontrollably.I want to hug her! i fall in love whit her!

pamelkpop2012 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

► Episode 5: My favorites; Yoona fall in love with ramen while Ji chang wook fall in love with Yoona, that was one of the best and sweetest scene during ep5. even that scene makes me wanna eat ramen and dance :) definitely, Yoona is one of the Best Asian actresses, Ji chang wook is very good k-actor. Good duet banbang couple!

Popomon pamelkpop2012 Wednesday, October 12, 2016


taemshine1 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finally Go Anna  (Yoona) and her dad (Cho Seong-ha) had more scenes during episode 5 and 6  and even The ratings increased much higher with ep5 and ep6.! wooho!!! congratulation thek2. well! they deserve it!, my favorites scenes were go anna x kitty, go anna x ramen, go anna x her dad and mother, cpr scene and her song Amazing Grace! wow so epic scene + song! glorious scene, that scene and her voice were touching our soul and hearts. we were crying. thek2 is daebak, Yoona is an excellent great actress and great singer. she is fantastic!

taemshine1 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Go Anna's life is so sad TT.TT poor baby. i want to see more scenes of Go Anna and Her dad.

taemshine1 Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Go anna and je-ah ice cream and cpr scenes were catching our attention. good job bangbang team!

pamelkpop2012 taemshine1 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yoona's acting is excellent, her singing is wonderful. You can feel Go anna's deep pain, sadness and loneliness. poor go anna (Yoona). I roo want to see more scenede of go anna with her dad and stepmother.

pamelkpop2012 taemshine1 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

right! Yoona and Ji chang Wook are so great bang bang couple, their chemistry are awesome!

darlingdella Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I know Je Ha needed answers but I didn't like that he told Yoo Jin about Naniya. Anna's singing was emotional considering what she was going through. I really pity her character. The fact that she believes her father wants her dead was heartbreaking. I really want to see what went down with Anna's mother's death.

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