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[Album & MV Review] Davichi - '50 x Half'

By eric_r_wirsing   Thursday, October 20, 2016   8,332   1,056   3



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Track List:

1. Fall Night
2. Love is to Give
3. Beside Me
4. PET
5. Have You Ever Been Like That
6. Beside Me (Inst.)

Ballad duo Davichi is back to warm up your autumn with their new mini-album '50 x Half.' The 8-year music veterans achieved an all-kill on the Melon, Bugs Music, Naver Music, Mnet, Genie, and Soribada charts. The new EP includes six new tunes, including the twin chart-topping title tracks "Beside Me" and "Love is to Give."

Coming in second on the EP, it's not hard to understand why "Beside Me" became popular. It's a gorgeous, emotional, and powerfully delivered. There are some echoes in this one that almost gave me chills. I also like the beat, which gives some meat to this tune. The vocals here are top shelf, and Kang Min Kyung and Lee Hae Ri really give it their all. There's a vocal snap in one chorus that just adds to the whole effect. The tune is catchy and epic.

"Love is to Give" is a slower, more reflective song. It's got a definite wistful feel, the kind of song that is ethereal, yet incredibly beautiful. It's difficult to tell which of the vocalists I prefer more -- they both put in masterful performances, and at times, it's difficult to tell them apart. An effect I love is when the bridge fades out and the chorus is layered on top; just an example of one of the ear-catching moments in this lovely tune.

The song I feel was left in the cold was "PET." A song about coping after a breakup, the song is sort of a catchy folk tune. Frankly, I found it easier to get into this song than the others.  It really picks up after the first verse and acquires a bombast and fuller melody. And it's not mopey or drab at all -- the girls show how they can wrap those superb vocals around a more upbeat tune. It's nice to see that they don't have to limit themselves to only ballads.

Overall, it's a great album. There are some strong songs on here, and the handful I reviewed are well worth the price of entry. Davichi know what they're doing-- they've done it long enough that they're particularly adept at their craft. They always deliver. If you're looking for epic, sweeping ballads look no further than '50 x Half.'


The girls search for their lover in "Beside Me."

The interesting thing about Davichi is that most of their MVs are storylines (barring the teamup with T-ara.) From the harrowing "Don't Say Goodbye" to the playful "Sorry, I am Happy," the duo have put out some top-flight MVs.

I'm pleased to report that "Beside Me" ranks among them.

It's absolutely gorgeous, from the misty forests to the lavish mansion, everything about this conveys the longing that the song evokes. The lyrics, of course, are not caring about whether they're a couple or not as long as they can be together. And the MV conveys this quietly, cleanly, and with some absolutely stunning visuals.

The epic feel goes right along with the music, scenes changing with the rising and falling of the music. Everything feels dreamlike, whether we're watching one of them crowned with wreaths or laying in the bath. It won't really have you crying, but it is a feast for the eyes.

MV REVIEW - "Love Is"

Now "Love Is" is a sad MV. And by that, I don't mean pathetic.

It chronicles the story of a young man who dresses up, reads a letter, heads to a solitary game of Go, and walks through the halls alone. Eventually, we find out why he's alone, as he stares at a picture of an older man, presumably his father, and breaks down and cries. Obviously, the letter informed the man of his death.

I wasn't sure exactly what to make of this at first. I was trying to figure out who he traditionally expected to be with him, but I was a little uninvolved. I'm not sure why, whether it was the camera angles or what. I was a little sad that his dad died, but it didn't hit me as hard as Kyuhyun's "A Million Pieces" did, for example.

"Love Is" isn't a terrible MV, but I wouldn't rank it up there as one of the better ones.


(MV scores are averaged)
MV Relevance..........7
MV Production.........7
MV Concept.............6

Album Production...8
Album Concept........7


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sungyuri1981 Monday, November 7, 2016

Beside me is the best so far, with heavy chorus and great composing music

4NIAB2UTYHONEY Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let me guess...7?

4NIAB2UTYHONEY Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yep, of course it's a 7. Akp is becoming predictable.

The End



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