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Posted by AllK_Maknae Wednesday, September 21, 2016

[MV & Album Review] DIA - 'Spell'


The magical girls of DIA have reappeared right before our eyes with their 3rd mini album 'Spell.' After their 'Happy Ending' album, the girls transformed into whimsical witches in their Harry Potter themed comeback for "Mr. Potter."


DIA do not miss their target as their magical concept wins over viewers quite easily. While the choreography for "Mr. Potter" mostly gained attention for having similarities to Girl's Day's "Expectation," the MV itself stands out for its own reasons.

The lively, girly, pink props and set fused with fairy-tale-like charms make it beyond aesthetically pleasing as it lures you into their version of a Harry Potter world. Showcasing magical train rides, a mysteriously eerie forest, Ouija boards and cutesy baths in boxes of presents and tea cups - it is a beautiful, cliche wonderland overdose.

Although some may find that tall, slender man-like bunny creepy, it captures the idea of how magical scenarios can be downright strange and scary. He is more like a guide through their wondrous journey. While DIA's MV absorbs cliche plots from multiple concepts, it doesn't come off as boring or irritating. Surprisingly, the concept weaves together nicely and is visually satisfying. Check it out for yourself!

Another enjoyable quirk is the clever additions of enchanting, magic spells in most of the lyrics throughout the bridge such as "I try to escape, but can't. So Riddikulus," and, "Shine on me, lumos." Are they really Harry Potter spells? Believe it or not, yes! And that is what makes the lyrics playful but impressive.

The instrumental is every bubble gum pop, magic girl loving fiend's dream! With the cheery xylophone, EDM influences, and galactic, warp-like sound effects, "Mr. Potter" easily becomes addicting after a second listen. Overall, the instrumental effortlessly blends together with minimal distractions and carries a similar feel to Red Velvet's "Ice Cream Cake" but with an oddly more addicting refrain.

Instead of opening the album with "Mr. Potter," the ladies decide to start off with "Seven and Three Quarters"- a somewhat timid yet sweet sounding song.

The upbeat ballad contains the usual styles found in most K-Pop side tracks, but carries the same instrumental influence "Mr. Potter" uses. A playful xylophone, light bells ringing in the background alongside airy, girly vocals. While cute, it isn't the strongest track on this album.

All magic aside, "Flowers, Wind and You" delightlisteners with its classic OST charm. Main rappers Eunjin and Hee Hyun really shine as their lyrics are gentle and delicately added to the harmonizing ad lib of the lead vocals. The deep voices of each rapper are the frosting on the cake for this track - or else it would simply become generic.

The shimmery synthetic sounds accompanied by the main piano and live band instrumentals make this ballad easy on the ears and less distracting than "Mr. Potter."

Although "Flowers, Wind and You" provide a calming experience, the album dives headfirst back into dysfunctional, unorganized sounds with "Artist."

I'll admit the beat is sick and the rapping is sicker, but they come out of nowhere. "Artist" opens up with some strange, tribal-like humming and quickly subsides into a rough beat with blaring whistles, alarms, and light EDM sound effects. The instrumental has that same heart-racing build up like Jimin's "Puss Puss," but isn't as whiny as HyunA's rapping.

If DIA came back with "Artist," as their promotional track, they would certainly be following today's rap trends well and garner some attention for sure. However, "Mr. Potter" is a nice dose of K-Pop cuteness that is needed now and again.

Although the album may appear a bit disorganized, the variety is refreshing and wanted by many. From the whimsical "Mr. Potter" and tranquil "Flowers, Wind and You" to the hard core raps in "Artists," DIA didn't hesitate to dish out tracks that dabble in multiple genres. With that in mind, the risk-taking style in the album make 'Spell' standout among the rest.


MV Production.......8
MV Concept............8
MV Relevance........8

Album Production..6

Album Concept.......7

Overall Score: 7

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