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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 15

By jubilantj   Tuesday, September 13, 2016   16,205   2,866   0



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The end is near y'all.

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Quite frankly, I get the feeling that Yeon Joo and Chul will not get a happy ending even after all that they have been through. I mean...Chul nearly died so many times in the drama that I've lost count, and poor Yeon Joo had to go through losing the love of her life and having her little heart broken. She may have to go through it again, but this time, it will be permanent. 

Yeon Joo finds out that she's been gone for nearly a year in the webtoon world. 

As much as I want Yeon Joo and Chul to have a happy ending, I can't help but think how messed up it would be if Oh Seong Moo disappeared forever. Yes, Yeon Joo is in love with Chul (who, by the way, isn't even real) but it's her own father we're talking about here. Maybe it's just me but I think it would be kinda sorta really f*cked up if Yeon Joo chose a 2-D webtoon character over her father. You may argue that her father tried to kill her and that he's not himself anymore after the faceless killer stole his face, but as we learned in this episode, the father can live and become normal again...but only if Chul is gone. So Yeon Joo is at yet another crossroad where she must determine the fate of the two people she loves the most. 

I'm going to sidetrack a bit and add that if the drama had maintained its consistency, then Yeon Joo should be on the brink of disappearance, as well. She had unwillingly integrated into 'W's story when Chul pulled her into it and became as closely linked to him as she could possibly get. I mean, she is married to the man. But because Chul flouted what he is supposed to do by following 'W's intended direction (which is entirely haphazard and random in addition to the fact that we still have no idea who is really in control of the story), he starts to disappear into nothingness once again.

Chul can no longer jump back and forth between the real world and the webtoon world. 

Yeon Joo, as a character who is closely linked to the main character, should also be disappearing as she adds no particular value to the story aside from being Chul's significant other. So why is it that Yeon Joo is not suffering an existential crisis...? Just a thought that occurred to me as I watched the episode. As Chul becomes more and more irrelevant in the story, so should Yeon Joo. Perhaps her non-disappearance is because she is still more "real" than Chul or her father who shared his body with a criminal from the webtoon. 

I really thought this series would resolve itself more smoothly as the story progressed but it turned out to be the opposite, resulting in my major disappointment as a viewer. It's as if the production crew and the writer felt rushed to puzzle everything together before the last episode rolled around. Unfortunately, adding on bits to the story as it goes on is only doubling the confusion. I tried to enjoy the series, as the premise sounded promising and because I have enjoyed Han Hyo Joo's previous works. Alas, both the plot and the acting were lackluster and I my frustration grew larger with each passing episode. I'm still willing to stick it out until the very end to see if the drama will provide a satisfactory ending at the very least. 

Yeon Joo's father ends up in the mental ward. 

At this point, I think a bittersweet ending is more likely rather than a "happy" one. The Chul that we know is an honorable character who likes to do everything by the books and possesses an immaculate moral compass. Plus a happy ending between a real person and a 2-D character is just not feasible long-term. Hence, Chul will likely refuse to let Oh Seong Moo die not matter how much he may protest, and Yeon Joo and Chul will be forced to part ways. Aaand we just can't leave Chul's friend/bodyguard to die. It may not be the ending that viewers want, but it is the most credible one at this point. 

Will the two leads end up together??!! Tbh, I don't think so....




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