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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episodes 3 & 4

By jubilantj   Monday, August 1, 2016   54,440   6,070   60



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I'm not gonna lie y'all, these two episodes had me really frustrated. 

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Han Hyo Joo's character just acted so downright idiotic and thoughtless at times that I wanted to take her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her. And no, I do not have any personal bias against Han Hyo Joo. In fact, I quite enjoyed her performances in 'Brilliant Legacy' and 'Masquerade'; I just don't like her character in 'W'. Yes, she's thrown into unbelievable situations and placed in danger and whatnot, but that doesn't mean you stop using your brain altogether. 

Chul gets a mysterious call from the killer of his family. 

A prime example would be in the fourth episode which includes scenes of Yeon Joo being chased down by the webtoon world authorities. When the server comes up to her and asks her whether she is indeed the Oh Yeon Joo that everyone is searching for, Yeon Joo could have said, "No," given some plausible excuse (perhaps she could have told the server that he mistook her for someone that looks very much like this Oh Yeon Joo person?), and left the scene quietly. Instead, she flees the scene in terror--which is the sure indicator to others that you are guilty whether you really committed a crime or not--crashes through the hotel kitchen all the while loudly talking on the phone that she is being "pursued by the police." Yeah....not exactly the smoothest way to make an exit, especially if you are currently on the nation's most wanted list. 

I understand that the writers must create this scene so the plot will be more 'edge-of-your-seat' and thrilling, but the whole time I was watching this scene, I was appalled at the way Yeon Joo's character reacted to the situation. No rational person with half a brain would put more spotlight and attention on her by talking loudly on the phone as she makes an exit, especially if she's not trying to get caught. It's as if all logical thinking left her and went down the drain the moment she realized something might be off. I guess I've only got the drama's producers to blame for making the female lead so...utterly brainless and blundering (to a painfully clownish degree) at times. 

"I like to watch you sleep." 

"Ohhhkaayyyyy I don't care how good-looking you are, I'm officially creeped out." 

*sighhh* Why can't the female lead be more empowering and able? Acting dumb is certainly not endearing but I get the feeling the writers were trying to achieve that effect with Yeon Joo. There are times she does act quick on her feet and displays an ability to whip up solutions extemporaneously; unfortunately, these rare moments are blotted out by the other 98% of the times showing Yeon Joo acting silly (which is meant to be funny by the way but isn't) and simpleminded. 

Despite her not-so-endearing silliness, Yeon Joo does possess a redeeming quality, which is her exceptional compassion toward the 2-D character Chul. In a span of less than an hour (in the actual world), Yeon Joo has fallen head over heels in love with the main character of a webtoon, told him "I love you" twice, and even got to smooch him twice. I guess love can happen in a flash in the webtoon world of 'W.' 

If you are ever chased by the police, don't do what Yeon Joo does. 

We've still got no clues as to the what/who is controlling the webtoon's story beyond the original creator, Oh Sung Moo. But now that Chul really did break the fourth wall and entered the 3-D world, things are going to get more interesting from here on out. And the fact that Chul took a gun is a clear enough sign that he believes the killer is in the 3-D world. Also, I'm just throwing this out there but it's really weird that Yeon Joo's dad just keeps disappearing randomly for periods of time. What's weirder is that he doesn't seem to know (or want to say) where he was for the time he was gone. The puzzle pieces are still all scattered at this point, but they will come together soon enough. 




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moma Thursday, August 4, 2016

I don't think the character the female lead plays is the main problem, I think it's the actress that plays the female lead. I don't think her acting skills qualify her to play the role.

Shine211 Thursday, August 4, 2016

I am in lve with Kang Chul, but W write now is the best show and this stupid review writer giving only 6 score to plot and overall 6 just makes me want ti slap her face like seriously. From now onwards will stay hell away from this stupid writer's review. I prefer to read 'Dramabeans' Recap.. No, wonder they get 500+ comments in their recap, because writers of Dramabeansare far better and have more knowledge and brain than writer of allkpop.. Idiot

Shine211 Thursday, August 4, 2016

I mean I love W and right now it is the best show and this stupid writer giving it only 6 score and calling heroine bad makes me want to slap her.. I am biased towards KC, but I like YJ too and to me she has more brains than the writer of this crap review. Please, all of you better go to better portals now

JoeKpop Wednesday, August 3, 2016

To tell you honestly, I think it is the writers plan for Oh Yeon joo escaping and panicking from the police for her to be caught. Because if she will not be caught she will not tell kang chul the truth and she will never go back to the real world which is the main point of the drama and the reason why EVERYONE like it. Think of it like a horror film where the main character goes to the place knowing that she/he heard something creepy in a place. That makes the movie exciting and somewhat idiotic but still we enjoy horror films like that. LASTLY, to the writer of this article, STOP!! PLEASE STOP!! Even though you wrote articles like this. It doesn't change our minds that this drama is beyond perfection. BECAUSE WE WATCH AND UNDERSTAND IT!!! THANK YOU

sunnnytay Wednesday, August 3, 2016

To the author of this article-- Why don't you stop writing reviews for this drama, if Han Hyo Joo's character bothers you sooo much? It seems as though you are just looking for every chance to degrade her acting instead of giving it an honest shot.

MrRafty Tuesday, August 2, 2016

to @jubilantj 

SUJUshinee4ever Tuesday, August 2, 2016

lol.. akp writers need to take a deep breath and relax. Like, seriously, why are you people so bent on saying something negative about this drama, when there are so many nice things to say. Yes, the female lead has been shown to be a bit silly, and i got irritated by her antiques sometimes as well, but thats how her character is! im loving her on the whole, and thoroughly enjoying the drama. I dont know why you guys are so bent on nitpicking on this drama, especially yeonjoo

b2stjjanng Tuesday, August 2, 2016

this review is so downright idiotic that i'd like to take the writer's shoulders and shake some sense into him/her. lolThis show is just fab! 10 gazillion times nicer than Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond, absolutely love the male and female lead, can't wait for the new episodes.. hope the plot sticks!!

ldhfan Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I don't really agree with this review, but i do agree on the female lead father who is randomly there and gone again. Otherwise i actually am enjoying the s/l allot. Just that im hoping for holes to be filled correctly, i still have many thoughts to ponder. Everything is happening so fast, i only have sympathy for Chul now.

ldhfan Tuesday, August 2, 2016

And she threw out the ily for another reason.. she wanted to invoke a cliffhanger, so she could get out from the webtoon again.

shayannah Tuesday, August 2, 2016

LOL this review is just plain stupid. There's obviously a reason why the character was potrrayed in this manner. I thought that the character had relayed the panic she felt to the audience quite realistically and here you are bashing her for the character development that she is technically not in charge of, that the scriptwriter created? This is a thriller fantasy romance drama of course everything had to be a bit more exaggerated. If everything in this drama was so realistic, then what's the point of watching this drama in the first place when you already experience life everyday? In fact, a drama is called drama for a reason, because it is dramatic, usually does not occur in real life and it is supposed to entertain people not make people bored of her getting out of trouble everytime.So whoever you are reviewer, I suggest you stop writing articles and google what is the definition of a drama instead.

MSD_Pop shayannah Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I agree with you here, and also this review just goes to show how people do not understand writers of dramas, they are always thinking of the next episode, thinking of how to make the viewers stay tuned till the next episode and at the edge of their seats. (SPOILER ALERT PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE DRAMA OR CAUGHT UP WITH IT) If she didn't run, she wouldn't have gotten caught, would not have ended up in jail, and would not have told our main man he is a webtoon character and he would not have stopped time in his webtoon and ended up going to the real world. There would be no drama or there would be an early finish to quite a good drama. There is a reason for the way the actors are told to act, please think before you type and write such a review based solely on what seems like an hatred for the person and her acting rather than looking beyond that to see what a great production this has been. I really do not approve of this review but hey that is my opinion.

DragonOfTheWest Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm starting to think that these reviews are written this badly just so that we will comment a lot, they must benefit from it somehow -.-

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