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[Drama Review] 'Doctors' - Episode 17

By eric_r_wirsing   Tuesday, August 16, 2016   17,284   3,325   0



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Surgery: a spectator sport

Hye Jung gets a month's suspension at the disciplinary hearing. Everyone knows Seo Woo is to blame for the congressman's death and talks about it behind her back. Kang Soo's brain tumor is discovered by his co-workers after he collapses. Ji Hong arranges to get his hands on the anesthesiology report for Grandma's fatal surgery. He intends to take it to Myeong Hoon and have him apologize. Kang Soo worries about the possible complications of his surgery and talks to Ji Hong and Tae Ho. Ji Hong and Seo Woo end up performing the grueling surgery on Kang Soo. Hye Jung learns that a vein was struck during her Grandma's surgery, causing excessive bleeding and confronts Myeong Hoon, who gives an insincere apology. She seeks legal aid, but the attorneys all cite the statute of limitations. Ji Hong tells her not to let it destroy her...

Hye Jung is aggravating. She gets angry at Ji Hong's counsel rather than listening to him. What's worse, their stubbornness seems to be their worst enemy. At a time where they should be able to enjoy each other's company and relax, they let things like this come between them. Each of them needs things their own way, and they tend to split up until they can solve their problems. I was hoping that, as the series winds down, they could be happy for longer than an episode.

My hairline isn't receding. My scalp is advancing.

The storyline surrounding Kang Soo is interesting. It's almost like the other doctors take him for granted, and that's why the groundswell of support was touching. Kyung Joon tries to avoid him and offers up an un-doctorly "all those times I hit you on the head" excuse. Kang Soo's brother even shows up -- looks a heckuva lot like him. And he's a military cook. I like the struggle between being strong and breaking down. Very convincing. Kim Min Suk added a lot to this episode.

The sleazy Myeong Hoon is as arrogant and slimy as ever. He refuses to own up to his mistake, saying that mistakes happen all the time and bringing up the statute of limitations. Hye Jung demands an apology, but instead gets an insincere one -- almost a "sorry you feel that way." He even suggests finding a different hospital after her suspension!

As the cook, he may have killed quite a few soldiers...

I like where this is going. This episode was frustrating for Hye Jung, but not for me. It was fun trying to see her chase down justice, but get shot down at every turn. I was really drawn into Kang Soo's story, and the acting really brought out the feels in me.

We won't be seeing another one this week, so we'll have to wait til next Monday to get our 'Doctors' fix.




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VixxL Tuesday, August 16, 2016

is it cancelled due to the olympics?

Brundeeh Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I cried the whole time - I love Kang Soo's character so much and his story is giving me all sorts of feels. They did well in adding that story - he's such a loveable character and in giving this different side, it really makes you love him even more.

love_OT5 Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let's be honest.Kang Soo saved this episodeand this actor is just amazing. he really played it well. i almost cried when he was trying to look strong but in fact he was breaking into pieces inside

The End



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