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[Drama Review] '38 Police Squad' - Episode 10

By jubilantj   Tuesday, July 19, 2016   10,290   968   4



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I think my heart dropped to my stomach at least twice in this episode. 

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My conviction was correct: Jung Do is one scary bastard. I was almost certain that Jung Do & Co.'s cover would be blown and fretting when Mi Joo snitched to the Bang siblings the whole scheme. I guess I should not have worried so much considering that the crew always has some sort of backup plan. There is nothing that Jung Do & Co. don't do for a reason--everything they do is always toward the goal of ruining Bang Pil Gyu and Choi Cheol Woo and pretty much the entire tax bureau. Jung Do is always, always one step ahead, stealing marches on everyone including Bang Pil Gyu whom I had initially deemed untouchable. 

"Wait, you're not scamming me, too, are you?" 

Now I'm just dying to find out whether Jung Do will succeed on carrying out the scheme until the very end. He's halfway there. Yes, the drama is already more than halfway over--just three more weeks to be exact. We shall be finding out soon what exactly happened to Jung Do and his family in the past, the part of the story that the drama will probably reveal at the most dramatic moment. Boy, I'm getting antsy just thinking about it! 

"Of course not, you silly goose!" 

Mayor Chun Gap Soo is one character in the drama that I haven't really talked about because...well, the drama only shows brief scenes of him, and said scenes are typically very brief and involve the guy gazing pensively into space for seconds that seem more like hours. I bring him up now because I believe he plays a bigger part in the story than what the plot has allowed thus far. We know he's got connections with Bang Pil Gyu and Choi Cheol Woo, and possibly even the mysterious 'Chairman Wang' whose face we glanced for a mili-second after 10 freakin' episodes. What's the big deal with this guy anywho? Jung Do's near pledged his fealty to this man and as far as we know, Jung Do serves for and moves as Chairman Wang's pawn. 

"Okay, whew! What a relief!" 

Just as soon as I think I understand what's going on in the drama, I'm left with even more blanks to fill. But I'm hoping that the Baek Sung Il that Jung Do mentioned in the beginning is not the Baek Sung Il that we've come to find endearing but the smarmy Baek Sung Il of Division 1. You know, that balding, bespectacled ahjusshi who kisses ass all the time to Director Ahn. Yes, Jung Do may have used Sung Il for his grand scheme but I don't think he'll actually link him to Chun Gap Soo and Bang Pil Gyu when all is said and done. Sung Il is just too...simple. And too pure and upright. I think Jung Do realized this the more he got to know Sung Il and worked with him, and despite being the sneaky scammer that he is, I don't think he will wreak total destruction upon Sung Il's life as well.

"Psych naw, I lied, I did scam you, you big buffoon!" 


I guess I should talk about Sung Hee and Jung Do...Jung Do claims that Sung Hee's the only person in his life of deceit he felt anything remotely close to being honest and true. If that's really the case, then there's more to Jung Do than I thought. He's not only a scary bastard, but he is also a romantic, scary bastard! This little side romance of the story isn't so bad as the drama doesn't emphasize it all that much. It actually serves as a nice break from all the intensity of the edge-of-you-seat, nail-gnawing plot, and I'm kind of hoping that Jung Do and Sung Hee will be able to lead a normal life as a normal couple once everything is done. Hard to say for now...but it'd be a nice happy ending! 

"Dis bish serious...." 




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daFoolio Wednesday, July 20, 2016

interesting... whoever writes these drama reviews misses A LOT about the actual episode... must not understand korean well...

clausmarie Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jung Do know who this Sung Il is.  When Sung Il's cop friend caught him a few episodes back, he tells Jung Do that he mistook one Sung Il for the other, remember? That's why he offers to help, and avoid being sent to jail again... or so I think.  With Jung Do's plan B for everything, one does not know at this point.I like the drama, though I think it's a little slow sometimes.  But we are in episode 10 already! I hope to have an interesting and worthy ending.

Info Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Its hard to say if JD could lead as normal life or couple with SH as he is a conman and i 'm sure he has so many enemies around him and doesn't want to hurt SH...(How i wish he could end up w SH)

Info Tuesday, July 19, 2016

JD said to BSI : " I'm just using you" ..."You of all people. How can you believe a con artist like me?"

The End




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