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Posted by jubilantj170 pts Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chanyeol tells off his haters with a lengthy response on Instagram

EXO's Chanyeol has had enough and decided to speak up against his haters once again.

Though it's not certain exactly what kind of hate was directed towards him, judging by content of the lengthy response to his critics, it appears that some people pushed Chanyeol's buttons to the point of frustration and possibly even anger, as he replied with a long rebuttal in an attempt to silence his haters. 

He wrote, "There were many people who wanted to hear my songs so I sang really diligently and uploaded my work but to the people who say this is a 'Lovestagram' and whatnot, just how messed up are you to only think that way. I'm just living doing what I want to do so if you can't stand the sight of that then don't visit my Instagram. Stop following me and mind your own work. While I'm at it, about following Taeyeon, people said she appeared in the clip so I wanted to hear for myself and I pressed 'like' by accident but I thought it might look weird if I just pressed 'like' so that's why I also followed [her] but because you all kept complaining I unfollowed. I erased the question mark because I felt like I was dirtying my Instagram and I didn't go to the Seoul Jazz Festival with her; I just met her there. I took down 'Melody for You' because I wasn't satisfied with it and intended to re-upload it later and I don't have a private account so please stop confusing my fans with all these rumors and just do what you have to do. I'll be cheering you on. Don't visit my Instagram anymore. I don't care whether social media is a waste of your life or whatever because it's my own way of happily and enjoyably communicating with people." 

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