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BTS copied SHINee's concept for their latest album?

BTS are caught up in yet another controversy involving their newly released 'Young Forever' album. Last time, Seventeen was accused of copying BTS; now, BTS is accused of copying another group, namely SHINee.

SHINee fans claim that the concept for 'Young Forever' is too similar tothe album teasers, music video, and bts clips that SHINee released in Japan back in 2014.

The overall concept of 'Young Forever' and the album that SHINee released in 2014 hold too many similarities to be a just coincidence, or so Shawols argue. Theses similarities were brought to attention by one netizens who, under an online post titled 'BTS accused of plagiarism again,' uploaded pictures from both BTS's 'Young Forever' album and SHINee's 2014 Japanese album.

These similar pictures include BTS and SHINee riding in hot air balloons, gathered around a campfire, and hanging out by an old-fashioned style van.

Netizens are generally divided on the issue, with some agreeing with the OP and others vehement in their stance that plagiarism is not at work. They wrote,"Didn't you see the post about Seventeen's MV that Armies uploaded..you should have at least explained the situation..SHINee's [pics] are from an MV and for BTS it was concept photos, and the campfire were things that appeared in BTS MVs and from what I know, hot air balloons weren't only used by SHINee. Plus the atmosphere and the angles are different," "Honestly, I'm a bit suspicious because the pictures are from a specific album..SHINee's lucky star concept is something that feels very distinct," "Nothing about BTS is original we've always seen their concept elsewhere," and, "I read the explanation but I still find it hard to believe. I think they just wrote whatever they felt and wanted to write."

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