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G-Dragon's encounter with unruly fan in Beijing makes headlines

G-Dragon was in a bit of an unpleasant scuffle with an overly enthusiastic fan at Beijing Capital International Airport. Though no one but the people who were actually present the site of the incident really knows what happened, Chinese media outlet Apple Daily was quick to dish on the alleged events that occurred when G-Dragon landed in Beijing.

Under an article titled 'Fan crashes down when bodyguard shoves her after she tries to film GD up close,' Apple Daily reported, "One female fan crashed [to the ground] when she was forcibly shoved by a bodyguard. Due to this incident, G-Dragon is now being attacked by anti-fans." Some people claim that after the fan fell down, he just stormed past as if nothing happened.

'Apple Daily' also reported other fans' claims that the fan who fell down had gone too far in trying to capture a video of GD. These fans stated, "The female fan had tailed G-Dragon and filmed him up close, and it was so bad that [the camera] almost touched his face. G-Dragon was trying to stay upright while avoiding the fan, and in this process, the bodyguard had protected G-Dragon by extending his hand out [toward the fan]. It's an over-exaggeration to say that the bodyguard 'forcibly shoved her.'"

Other claims suggest that because G-Dragon was trying to escape the crowd, he "didn't know that the bodyguard had shoved the fan aside."

Regarding this issue, YG released a statement, saying, "In the process of looking into the Chinese media outlet report and the current situation, we discovered that the bodyguards who protected GD at the site were not YG employees."

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