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Eun Ji Won's gentle but firm-worded letter to sasaengs catches attention

By jennywill   Saturday, April 23, 2016   44,459   2,113   0



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Back in the 90s, Eun Ji Won was the leader of one of the most popular groups in Korea - Sechskies.

While he had the fame and popularity, he also had to deal with the same thing idols today have to deal with - sasaeng fans. However, Eun Ji Won had a different way of handling the situation than everyone else.

In an old letter, Eun Ji Won wrote,

Hey! It's me, Ji Won...
I have something to say to you guys. I am bad at writing, but I cut down on my sleep and took a pen up. I know you are disappointed with me for some things! So I want to say... Every time I came back home from my schedule, you greeted me always in front of my house. But I just go inside...
It's not that you guys are tiresome, or that I hate you. If I had everything my way, I want to talk and hang out with you all night, but you guys know better than I do that I can't do that, right? So I hope you understand me a little.
When I see you waiting in front of my house, I think, ah~ there are people who care about me and love me this much, and that makes me happy. But if you really do like me, I hope you understand at least a little that I cannot meet with you personally.
My mother knows this, but sometimes, there are nights I can't sleep because I think of you guys. I'm worried about you. Aren't you cold? What if you guys get hungry? Where do you sleep? No matter how tired I am, I can't sleep when I get these thoughts.
So please try to understand me and forgive me! Don't think, 'I'm okay'. I really am worried about you guys, so go home, and spend time with your parents. If you do that, don't you think your parents would like us [Sechskies] more, too?
Also! My cold actions! If you don't understand me, then who will, right?
Lastly, I love you guys

What do you think about how he handled his saseng situation?

  1. Eun Ji Won

Hantjaka01 Monday, April 25, 2016

awww he's so nice

daFoolio Monday, April 25, 2016

dang he really must like his fans.... i think in the beginning it would be crazy flattering.. but after a while... damn... they're here again??

KenjiT_07 Monday, April 25, 2016

I just hope it goes to their thick heads... -.-

elfinkyy Monday, April 25, 2016

I applaud his kindness - if I were dealing with sasaengs I would've lashed out immediately

DesiRodri1254 Sunday, April 24, 2016

It sounds like he enjoys their attention but also in a polite non escalating (I don't want conflict) way he's telling them to go home. But seriously I think this just makes saesung fans love him even more and with the chemical imbalance in their brains it'll make them want to do more crazy shit. He's too kind

yiwanggarreau Sunday, April 24, 2016

but why they called  sasaengs fans, I think it will be a bit hard for them to understand and accept it , jiwon is so nice , but he needs to be strong with them  ,otherwise no other ways, it will just disturb his life woo much , I hope sasaengs will try to understand him more ,like what he asked in the letter,

yiwanggarreau Sunday, April 24, 2016

well , been touched, he is so nice ,  but also sad, he won't go out with fans...

Bizi Sunday, April 24, 2016

I read somewhere, about sasaengs confessions. These sasaeng being sasaeng not just because their "love" for their oppa. But they do it because being sasaengs itself is addiction for them.. I think Korean people has to do something about this matter. I mean, these sasaeng is their children and family and friends and student right?

mia_aoki Sunday, April 24, 2016

That won't have work with sasaeng these days.... Their intellectual aren't able to process that...

ilikeJB Sunday, April 24, 2016

That's really cute!

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