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Fans catch Clara and iKON's Koo Jun Hoe together at club multiple times, upset by his rude behavior

Clara, Koo Jun Hoe

Netizens are claiming that they have seeniKON'sKoo Jun HoeandClaratogether at Club Arena multiple times during the month.

The first time was back on March 5. This was the day that Clara hosted her 'Rose with Clara Party' at Arena. According to netizens, Koo Jun Hoe was spotted walking around with a white mask and a hat. He soon joined Clara at her table for the night.

The next appearance was on March 20. This time netizens claim that iKON'sKim Jin Hwanand Koo Jun Hoe were at the party as well. Both stars wore white masks which they only took off at their table. Netizens claim that Clara was also at the club on that same night. However, they aren't saying the two are dating, instead, here's where it's taken an odd turn.

Many netizens are saying they attempted to converse with the stars. One girl said she told Clara,"Unnie, you are so pretty", inwhichClara responded with a smile. Unlike Clara's warm greeting, many reported that Koo Jun Hoe responded with rudeness. They said Koo Jun Hoe gave them a cold look when he heard them say,"Isn't that Koo Jun Hoe from iKON?"In addition, other netizens reported that they ran into Koo Jun Hoe at a pho restaurant after the party. He again responded with cold looks when the fans recognized him.

Netizens do not think going to clubs and partying is a bad thing, but they do think the rookie idol's frequent appearances at clubs, and his rude responses to fans are unfavorable. Koo Jun Hoe's rude behavior is apparently the reason why they decided to spread his club appearances on the web.

Will Koo Jun Hoe's partying become a burden one day? Netizens sure think so.

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