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Posted by mssylee28 pts Thursday, January 28, 2016

[Drama Review] 'Cheese In The Trap' - Episode 8

Park Hae Jin, Seo Kang Jun, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Go Eun
Huge foreshadowing of yet another irreversible conflict between Seol and Yoo Jung all thanks to Oh Young Gon. Just when you thought that the couple are now somewhat getting used to communicating with each other, yet another obstacle, possibly a deal breaker, is introduced.

Though I appreciate the lovey dovey scenes between Yoo Jung and Seol, all this back and forth from "I really like you" to "You're not who I thought you were" is, honestly, tiring me out. They remind me of that couple who are always on-and-off, publicizing it on social media every time something happens. Either break up or make up already, we're done with you guys.

But before leading up to the whole Yoo Jung and Seol mess, there were several other pesky, mosquito-like annoyances that the two will have to deal with.

First, there is the whole In Ho ordeal where, despite the fact that Yoo Jung has already formed a relationship that is more than just acquaintances with Seol, Yoo Jung is completely against her getting close to In Ho.

What I really like about Seol is that though she takes Yoo Jung's dislike into consideration, she doesn't really let it affect her decision or actions. She stands her ground and even gets Yoo Jung and In Ho to play nice when they are around her.

Second is Yoon Min Soo, an irritating yet least threatening antagonist, who is easily manipulated by Young Gon due to her low self esteem. She is the type of person to jump at the chance to be noticed and if you give her just a little bit of attention, she will take it and run a couple hundred miles with it. A perfectly naive pawn for Young Gon.

We end up finding out that she falls in love at first sight for Seol's younger brother which, by the way, I'm extremely interested to see how the drama will tell that side of the story (if they will actually take the time to tell it).

Then there is Oh Young Gon. Oh. My. God. Such cancerous character. He appears throughout the episode pestering Yoo Jung and Seol, trying to take revenge for what happened ages ago.

I would have to admit that there was a point where I did feel sympathetic towards Young Gon, but the feeling quickly dissipated seeing all the hideous work he does from the behind to get revenge.

At this point, I realized that Yoo Jung is no different from Young Gon as they have a similar eye-for-an-eye mentality, holding grudges until someone gets 'punished'. It's just that Young Gon isn't as subtle or as deceiving as Yoo Jung is, nor is he smart enough to hide his tracks from others.

When shedding light on just how manipulative Yoo Jung is, Young Gon doesn't seem as scary anymore. In contrast to Yoo Jung, Young Gon knows that there are consequences and has faced them in the past. He is much easier to scare off than Yoo Jung, who can practically get away with anything he's done. What are repercussions? Yoo Jung, probably.

Possibly my favorite scene so far in this drama is when Seol and In Ho are seen playing the piano together. Just as we've seen from time and time again, the two show absolutely calming and comforting synergy as if they've been friends for a lifetime now.�There is no filter between these two and that's the best kind of friendship.

The more the two spend time together, the deeper I fall into the SLS trap in spite of the inevitable doom.

Oh, but how can I forget Yoo Jung and Seol's first kiss? Reserved, gentle, yet passionate, tvN never fails to bring out the best kiss scenes, and 'Cheese In The Trap' might be the one to follow the famous 'Reply 1988' kiss scene. This is exactly what I mean when I say the producers made it almost impossible to really, truly hate Yoo Jung. He is just so gentle and caring when it comes to Seol, it almost makes you forget how delicate the relationship is because of him.

Since I've already mentioned tvN... 'Cheese In The Trap's cinematography is just a carbon copy of various other tvN dramas. tvN is known to focus more on making each scene as natural and mundane as possible, as if something like this can really happen in real life. What's unique about tvN's editing and filming style is that there is actually nothing unique about it.

  1. Park Hae Jin
  2. Seo Kang Jun
  3. Lee Sung Kyung
  4. Kim Go Eun
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