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Posted by jubilantj Monday, November 9, 2015

Netizens compare Chanyeol and Ilhoon's 'Unpretty Rapstar' self-composed lyrics

BTOB, Ilhoon, EXO, Chanyeol
If you recall, EXO's Chanyeol and BTOB's Ilhoon guested on the November 6 episode of 'Unpretty Rapstar 2,' on which they performed alongside Heize and JiyoonWhile the two idols' powerful presence were duly noted by the viewers, something else caught the attention of netizens: the stark difference in the lyrical content of Chanyeol and Ilhoon's rap. One netizen uploaded the full verses of both idols, noting that the lyrics were self-composed. 

A part of Chanyeol's rap roughly translates as such:

"Peek-a-boo, what's this pretty boy doing on 'Unpretty'

I'm radio, I make money with my voice not my face

I'm EXO, I represent Korea

I grew up with love and make money working hard

Popularity wise, I'm above Mnet

I know my place 

Women respect me

You'll respect me once you hear this rap 

Sorry President Lee Soo Man

I'll do some hip-hop today


I'll also be cursing

Maybe fans will go to Hong Kong after hearing this rap.
My bank account has a lot of 0's like a cemetery.
Even tomorrow I'm going to the airport to get money.
I earn much more than the other idols.


And Ilhoon's rap roughly translates as:

"I turn my head this and that way

Searching for whoever took my life

Everyone is a thief

The natural disaster that hits daily

And I'm victimized unable to do anything

I work ever harder

But they call me 

Cutie thang

That my rap is like this or that

They talk endlessly, thank you for recognizing

F*ck it this ain't me 

Please God, Amen

I feel suffocated

Between me and the ones throttling my neck

Pick one

I'm just playing 

'gong' (romanization of the Korean word for 'zero,' also meaning achievement) and 'il' (romanization of the Korean word for 'one,' meaning work) mean everything

And the victor is whoever is in possession of both."

Some of the top comments on the post read, "kekekekekekeke Just looking at the lyrics you can tell who typically self-composes," "Where does Chanyeol get his confidence from..? When he raps he just sounds like he's yelling," "Ilhoon writes some good lyrics," "Please don't say you're in charge of rap in EXO, my god," and, "When Heize and Chanyeol were practicing, Heize said she was shocked at how good he was..I was shocked that he was so bad kekekekekekekeke." 

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