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San E apologizes for Black Nut - Hanhae controversy on 'Show Me The Money'

By mssylee   Saturday, August 1, 2015   56,573   8,408   0



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The controversies surrounding 'Show Me The Money 4 (SMTM4)' continue and this week, it's San E and Verbal Jint apologizing.

San E and Verbal Jint controversially reversed their decision of picking Hanhae to bring back Black Nut, who was dropped from the team last week. Since the airing, avid viewers of 'SMTM4' cried outrage, saying that the circumstances are extremely unfair for Hanhae. Not only for Hanhae but also for Mino, who had to rewrite his lyrics now that his partner for the upcoming rap battle suddenly changed.

With the controversy brewing, both San E and Verbal Jint officially apologized through their respective social media accounts. For those who assumed that the Hanhae-Black Nut fiasco was all part of an act that the show producers created for drama, San E wrote that what happened in yesterday's airing wasn't an act and the decision made by San E and Verbal Jint had nothing to do with the producers of the show.

The director of 'SMTM4' also added during an interview that the show tries to honor the decisions made by the participants, confirming that what happened in this week's airing was not staged.

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Here is what San E wrote on his Facebook page after the backlash of his and Verbal Jint's decision on the show: 

What happened in yesterday's airing of 'Show Me The Money 4' was not staged by the producers and 100% real. 

The initial decision that we made in the team mission was going against the consistency that we wanted to maintain since accepting to be on 'Show Me The Money 4.' After agonizing on our decision, we realized our contradiction and reversed our decision. We apologize for making the situation get this far. We apologize to Zico and PALOALTO team members, Hanhae, Black Nut, producers of the show, and the viewers, who who were affected by our shortcomings.

I believe that the matter at hand is something that we do not have an explanation for and will remain as one of many embarrassing moments in life for a long time. Despite what others had said about me posting this, I thought that I would forever regret it if I didn't apologize for what happened. I apologize again.

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chloe29 Monday, August 10, 2015

San E and Verbal Jint as well as the producers of this show just blew everything out of proportion and disgraced not only the contestants and other producers but also injured the integrity of the show. It's just a total BS and I hope people will continue to extend their frustration in his FB.

audrinaaaa Monday, August 10, 2015

*sighs* and I started to like this season a lot, not im back to only watching my favorite rappers part (mino,basics,&lil boo) parts

anna34 Sunday, August 9, 2015

The dirtiest thing is how they could just step on people, first Blacknut, then Hanhae, and then team ZiPal. They never even contacted their opposing team so ZiPal was really disappointed and rightfully so. And when Blacknut came back, he just acted like a clown and they were able to win the diss battle. So much damage caused by their stupid actions. That makes it harder to get over.

MsKpopGurl Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's been a week, but I'm still upset that Hanhae got eliminated instead of Blacknut. Like really San E?? Even if Hanhae wasn't going to win SMTM, at least he would've made to the next couple of rounds. Well.. at least he's already a known rapper in the group Phantom. Looks like Team ZiPal got ;new supporter!!

honmod Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hanhae was way better than Black nut, i think this judges have really short memory. Didn't we see black nut in duo mission with a girl struggling to be accepted? he was so weak !!! But all they remember is someone funny pulling out his pant and play the clown for them, so it's amusing ? Hanhae had a perfect way all along SMTM4 , he just messed up ONE word in his last rap but still managed to continue and he was complaining of the sound and microphone before being on stage! Anyway all this made me angry, i can't hide that i fucking insulted SAN E in twitter :D He should learn what is Hip Hop first , all he do is WOUUUU WOUUUUUU shouting like a monkey and trying to act as a black rapper , he is really shameless , ;he see thousands of rapper passing in front of him and better than him and still having the face to judge !

yero Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The reason to eliminate Black Nut was BS to begin with but then they made things worse and screwed over Hanhae as well, having been given the opportunity to redeem himself he was sincerely trying his best while fighting his self doubt and what for? to be taken for granted and thrown away as soon as the producers realized they made the "wrong" choice, let's be honest if it wasn't a diss battle they wouldn't have brought black nut back but it was and they saw Hanhae as their weakness so they got rid of him, it's really pathetic and greedy to go back on your word just for your own benefit. Black nut said it all in his rap against them f**k San E and Verbal Jint I've really lost respect for them.

babyblackjack Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The situation is just too fucked up to interpret anymore.

haylucky Sunday, August 2, 2015

black nut losing in a diss battle wouldnever happen its balck nut . i mean i love mino but hes not even in my top 8 in hoping to win. jigoin , superbeat, mickdot, baesick,lilboi, blacknut, andup,innovator. ;

ThatsWhatsup Tuesday, August 4, 2015


gdxgdxbabyxbaby Sunday, August 2, 2015

This situation frustrated me to no end. Personally, I prefer HanHae over BlackNut, BUT the rules were to eliminate the person who performed the worst during the mission round. That was HanHae. However, if you as a producer make a decision, even if you regret it immediately afterwards, you gotta live with it. And as for the producers of SMTM4, sure, it wasn't staged, but you totally allowed this to happen because you KNEW it would cause a ruckus. If "rules are rules" they should have told VJ and SanE that they have to live with the decision they made. Ridiculous.

detroitx Sunday, August 2, 2015

whats really the point of this apologize letter. you just apologize because people starting to call you out? as far as i seen on the teaser you werent sorry at all. andup even said that you didnt even said sorry to them. did you need to wait this to air for apologizing? the act itself is unprofessional. if san e keep doing this please just let his judge kpop star

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