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Posted by alim1745 pts Thursday, July 23, 2015

Netizen reveals the surprising number of malicious comments gathered by fans for Taeyeon so far


Recently, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon announced her stance on taking legal action against malicious commenters online after a long time of enduring words of hate. Notably, she asked people to send her more documents and screenshots of the harsh comments so that she could submit them as proof.  

One fan obliged by posting on Twitter, asking people to send in a pdf capture of the malicious comments and rumors to an e-mail address.  It seems lots of people started doing as the fan asked! 

The fan alarmed people by revealing that s/he had received an overwhelming amount of over 2,000 e-mails with examples of malicious comments against Taeyeon within two days!  The fan revealed this shocking fact on-line, stating, "The mail I'm receiving [in relation to the malicious posts] are going over 2,000.  The mail is piling up so the confirmation is slow, but I am in the midst of neatly organizing the documents that have been sent in."

Seeing this surprising fact, one netizen expressed hopes that the malicious culture against celebrities would go away through this example while another asked whether thousands of people will be forced to gather at the police station.  It seems she had to really deal with a lot of hate for a while now.

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Many are affected by negative comments online, extending even further than the person directly involved. We need to be able to analyze the situation objectively and take action to create more peace and acceptance on the internet.

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