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Posted by alim1784 pts Sunday, March 2, 2014

English terms all K-Pop fans should know


Last week, we covered which Korean terms were essential for K-Pop fans to know. Now, we will cover the English terms, either words that seem English but have never been heard of before K-Pop and words that are English and you can pretty much tell what they mean.  At the end, there is also a list of terms that are a fusion of both cultures!  Korean words combined with English for a baby language. Check out the list below to become an even more knowledgeable fan. 


fighting (hwaiting)

This is something you'll hear often (but may be pronounced like "hwaiting")!  This isn't a cheer telling people to fight each other, but rather to fight the circumstances.  It is a supportive cheer, so when you want people to cheer up and do their best, you'll say, "Fighting!"  At times, this is accompanied by an arm movement where you bend your elbow so your arm is still vertical, form a fist, and then pull your elbow down a bit as you say it... It's weird to describe it like this, you just sort of do it.  You've probably already seen it many times.

(You show 'em, Sunny)


While America is still hung up on 2013's word of the year "selfie," Korea has been using "selca" for years and years before that.  It means the same thing and is actually a combination of two words, "self" and "camera."  Think of your phone, which has a self-facing camera so that you can take selcas!  You can do mirror selcas, too, of course with the normal camera, like so...


When I first came upon this word, I thought it was weird.  They would say, "healing, healing," which is an English word, for sure, but no one goes around America, Great Britain, or wherever going, "Healing, healing," or "I'm going to get some healing," because they're going to a spa, right? This basically means they're going to get some time to relax and "heal," but all I'm thinking is a Whitelighter from 'Charmed' healing them with their magical Whitelighter powers.


This is an important one to know.  This means that a song has topped all of the major music charts at the same time and usually happens fairly quickly after its release.  This is an amazing feat for an artist and it's something to be proud of when you hear one of your favorite groups achieves an all-kill!


This is not as common anymore, but was definitely a trendy word a few years back.  It describes a woman who when you look at her from the side forms an "S" with her body.  Usually means big boobs, big butts (and I cannot lie).  Obviously, this includes the rest of the body being slim for a very curvy look.

bagel girl

'Bagel' (short for 'Babyface-glamour girl' ): This also has to do with the body and is used to describe a girl who has a very voluptuous, glamorous, curvy, sexy body, yet her face is really cute.  This combo is like a deadly K.O force for men in Korea, I'm guessing.  I don't think it works the same way with men (hot body, adorbs face), considering people's comments about BTOB's Minhyuk for that 'Men's Health' picture...

(Hyosung, Yewon, Shin Se Kyung, Shin Min Ah)

(BTOB's Minhyuk, same effect? Well, can count for the next term!  Look below~)

chocolate abs

Now this is generally used to describe men!  Chocolate abs!  Think of a chocolate bar that is formed so you can crack off square pieces "Break me off a piece of that ;)" that some girls might say.  Basically, this likens a men's defined abs to a perfectly formed chocolate bar.

(You see the resemblance?)

eye smile

Eye smiles are pretty adorable.  Some people, when they smile, form a perfect ^^ with their eyes so they look like Anime characters when they smile.  Their eyes sort of disappear because they're smiling and it's very cute and lovable. 


Netizens are citizens on the net, so basically people on the internet. They also moonlight as detectives that can find the truth through skillful scrutiny and deductive reasoning.  It's pretty amazing actually and many K-Pop fans suggest these netizens work for the police.

MR removed

MR I believe stands for Music Record.  Anyway, this means that someone took a live performance and removed all the background noise, which includes the music as well as back-up vocals that are left there to bolster live vocals, provide harmony, etc. By removing this, you can sometimes tell how an artist actually sounds live because you hear their raw voice in the performance. 


CF means "commercial film" and usually refers to TV commercials.  It is used sometimes for general advertisements, too.  


SNS stands for social networking services and basically stands for social media.  So when writers use "SNS," they're referring to celebrities' Twitters, Weibos, Instagrams, etc.

fan cam

This is footage taken by fans rather than professional broadcasting companies.  These days, if you go to concerts or any special event really, everyone is holding up their cell phones to capture the moment forever. For events where no video footage is allowed, some fans will usually do it in secret.


Visual basically means appearance or looks.  Koreans would say this all in Korean except the 'visual' part, "Wow, her visual is no joke," meaning she looks very good--I don't think this is used as commonly by K-Pop fans.  The visual of a group is the same as the face of the group, meaning the most attractive member used to bring attention to the group.  This doesn't necessarily mean they're the best looking, not all the time anyway--sometimes, it means they just have the most charisma or charm.  Initially, they're the hook that grabs new fans--especially if the group recently debuted--and then the other members gradually get their own fan bases.  They're always in the middle for performances, too (poor Sunggyu).  

(Na-Eun from A Pink; who are some other visuals from other idol groups?)


A bias is a favorite member in a group and, believe me, this is always changing, especially when the fan in question is a little girl named Haru who moved from Taeyang to G-Dragon and may very well like another Big Bang member in a matter of months (such a cutie).  


A stan is not just a word for K-Pop, I believe.  Regardless, it's a good word to know and is used to describe a very passionate fan who really, really loves a group or artist or any celebrity.  It seems like there are levels, here: fan -> stan -> sasaeng fan.  The last one usually has a negative connotation, but the other two can also be used negatively at times depending on behavior. 


This is hard word to explain.  Hm, let's break it down.  Okay, "come" and "back."  Yup, you got it.  When a singer makes a "comeback," that means the singer will be returning to the music scene and promoting a new song or album.  So you will be able to see your beloveds on stage again on music shows and just being more active in general. Two big comebacks in February-March are Girls' Generation and 2NE1!


NGs is the Korean form of bloopers and outtakes.  It means "No good," which is kind of mean if you think about it.  Someone messes up and you tell them, "[You're] no good." Just kidding, they don't say it like that.  It's actually fun and cute the way they go, "NGNGNGNGNNGNG."

menboong (fusion!)

"Men" stands for "mental" while "boong" is from the Korean word "boongwe" and pretty much means mental destruction overall!  I would say a more accurate term is "mental breakdown," meaning they just kind of panic, feel burnt out, and get stressed.    

molca (fusion)!

"Mol" (pronounced like 'mohl') is short for "mollae," which means doing something secretively while "ca" again refers to "camera."  So "molca" is hidden camera and in Korea, for some reason, usually renders the victim in tears.  I personally don't understand what's so funny about jokingly bullying someone into tears (especially on their birthdays), but okay.

Now English speakers have a new way of using the words they had known all their lives and everyone learned additional vocabulary! For those particularly expert K-Pop fans, what other common English terms do you like to use?

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its 2019, and now I know 😂😂 I should know this since Im stanning BTS now.. Hwaiting!!!

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