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Posted by rex_music0 pt Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Addicting Dance Covers of Crayon Pop's Viral 'Bar Bar Bar'

Crayon Pop

There's just never enough hype about Crayon Pop, but let it be known (again) that the ridiculously adorable "JUMPING!" squad has invaded Korea with their kind-of-new song "Ba(r) Ba(r) Ba(r)". It's comparable to how the Wonder Girls' went viral with "Tell Me" back in '07. And just when you thought cover dances were too passé for your tweets, Crayon Pop just made them cool again. Which is pretty weird when you think about it since a lot of people were saying how Crayon Pop wasn't cool right before they became a national sensation.

So here are 10 highly addictive dance covers of the "Bar Bar Bar" dance that you'll never get sick of. If you're anything like me, you'll get sucked into the inescapable vortex that is YouTube and end up watching 50 more cover videos, too. Hope you don't though, I've ended up at some weird parts of YouTube, especially when it comes to K-Pop. (Actually, that video is awesome, though.)

Let's start off with these lovely Samsung cheerleaders

These Police women are a bit older but just as cute

This baby is slightly more cute than Crayon Pop themselves... arg way too cute

No. You're not drunk. Those soju bottles are Jumping, Yeah!

Bar Bar Bar FaNboY sTyLe!!

Imagine getting your butt kicked with Bar Bar Bar mysteriously playing in the background... It'd be this awesome

Ulala Session rocking out to it

Even the folks of SNL Korea knows what's up

This girl is impeding traffic while dancing to Crayon Pop!

But these Korean cops would probably just join in -_-

Which one's your favorite? If you know of another awesome Crayon Pop dance cover, share it with us, too!

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