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C-JeS lashes out at Loen for changing their terms regarding Junsu's upcoming showcase and promotions

By serendipity   Tuesday, July 9, 2013   33,531   652   217



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If you couldn't tell by now, C-JeS Entertainment and Loen Entertainment have been working together for JYJ's Junsu's solo comeback as XIA. However, problems have now risen between the two companies.

If you remember, the MV-like clip and the video teaser had all been exclusively released through Loen. This was due to the contract agreement between the two companies. 

However, according to C-JeS Entertainment, Loen has recently backed out of a portion of their previous agreement, leaving C-JeS to threaten to leave Loen's name completely out of the upcoming showcase as well as reveal their intention to file for a civil appeal to the Fair Trade Commission and Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.

According to C-JeS, Loen had agreed to 1.) hold showcase catering towards MelOn [music service site operated by Loen] customers and broadcast live on MelOnTV, 2.) participate in Melon's special video clip, 3.) handle marketing promotions with the distribution of music to 5 music sites. 

With 6 days left until the showcase, C-JeS claims that they have suddenly received a notice from Loen that read, "We will distribute XIA (Junsu)'s album on and offline, but we have decided to scrap the plans for promotional marketing... This is the decision coming from within from the executives, so we ask for your understanding. For the showcase inviting MelOn customers, we will broadcast live through Loen TV, but we will not be able to show it through MelOn."

This is also apparently the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of promotional banners regarding Junsu's new release on MelOn after his pre-release on the 2nd.

In response, C-JeS wrote, "The decision to rule that exposure on MelOn is not possible and to air through Loen TV only with the excuse that it is the executives' decision just 6 days before the showcase is clearly oppression from those in power."

Although these terms were not all written down in the actual contract, C-JeS says these matters were handled as things to look into after the contract had first been established, and that they have all been agreed to through various emails, texts, and phone calls exchanged.

C-JeS commented through their closing statement, "This kind of notice just 6 days before the release is an act of oppression, preventing us from pursuing contracts offering better conditions from other sources. Although we stated this in our official response, there has been no change in Loen's side. What we can clearly say is that we have endlessly suffered from the outside pressure towards JYJ and we will not compromise from the oppression of the powerful distribution companies. We will be filing a civil appeal to the Fair Trade Commission and Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Committee against [Loen], who has misused their position as a distribution company to one-sidedly terminate an agreement made between two companies, and do our best to regain our rights."

Loen is currently said to be holding an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and is expected to release a statement.

Source: Kuki News, Newsen

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triniblossom Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh wow...

lakina91 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

C-JeS Entertainment and Loen Entertainment Reach an Agreement ;http://mwave. interest. me/ enewsworld/article/40301

superjaaaa Tuesday, July 9, 2013

me wonders why korean media is very much hostile to jyj. -.-

SNSD_godesses Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's their fault for giving SM a bad name.. gosh!

sarahbee123 Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i don't see sm in this article. this is between loen and c-jes. and they did not give sm a bad name. sm is just stupid.

aiyoosherri123 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Um I think it's really stupid to immediately point fingers at sm entertainment when theres no words on it. I'm not a sm stan but I think its extremely weird to think its immediately sm. There could be other problems.

I think its best we wait for other news before pointing fingers at sm. ._.

SHINeeAddict Tuesday, July 9, 2013

no one even mentioned sm here. -_____- and no one's pointing fingers....

umizoomi Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What are you talking about? It's between Loen and C-JeS....who's even pointing fingers at sm?! >.>

beashineeshawol Wednesday, July 17, 2013

i don't see why this got so many negative votes. the point is that some people are pointing at SM.

genesisolivia94 Tuesday, July 9, 2013

always have it in writing or else its not going to happen

Your_Bunny_Friend Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CJes did a stupid thing and not sign a contract. Loen are a large enough conglomerate to not give a fuck. CJes is trying to stir up a PR stunt to try to back Loen in a corner, I mean it's the only thing they can do now.

special_ties Tuesday, July 9, 2013

According to various sources, this is normally how lots of TV deals are handled in Korea because drawing up a contract takes up too much time when they need to spend that time to preparing and advertising the event. If they waited, advertising time would be shorter and the turnout would be smaller. According to CJES official statement, LOEN was already in the motions of setting things up for the event.

applebell Tuesday, July 9, 2013

GO for it CJES!!!for people saying that this has nothing to do with s*m, im GUESSING that s*m just warned all the music companies about helping promote JYJ, if any of them do blahblahblah....s*m artists will not go on your show etc...Junsu, poor baby, don't worry people just got scared of you guys would get more popular then their artists. ;

violinsweetie Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh for goodness sake, how long does this have to go on?? JYJ has won their lawsuit against SM, there is no excuse to stop them from promoting or doing anything with music! Loen needs to get their act together because a singer of Junsu's level and skill should NOT have to deal with this because I'm sure there are plenty of companies willing to work with someone of his fame and level. CJES is not a company that plucks something out of the blue to make a big deal out of, so don't back down CJES!

hithere Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Article: JYJ's reps "Distributor Loen cancels all promotion arrangements for Junsu's new album... exertion of power"

E-News via Nate

Six days before Junsu was to release his second album, Loen, the distributor, told him that it would be impossible for them to market/promote the album.

"Since May, Loen and our artist Junsu entered a business contract that left them in charge of the online and offline distribution of his second album. We shared information regarding our album content over the course of several interviews and over 50 e-mails. We were even in the process of the official online distribution of 'The Appropriateness of 11', a song off of the album, and its international sale on the 2nd.

With its release scheduled for the 15th, we were in the process of concluding the final marketing and promotion of the song on major digital music sites along with a Melon guest showcase event.

Yesterday (the 8th), six days before the album's release, we received a notice from Loen that said that they have decided to only distribute Junsu's second album online and offline but will not be going through with any of the promotion and marketing that we had already concluded and decided upon. The showcase scheduled for the 15th will also only be broadcast through Loen TV, not on Melon TV.

We request that Loen comply with all of the promises they made until the album's release on the 6th."


1. [ 329, -15] This has nothing to do with whether or not you like this artist because this is a clear display of a company exerting their power over the weaker party. Not even a month but barely a week before its release, how could they say they're turning all of the planning back into a blank sheet of paper? What does that leave the singer and his staff who spent all this time recording and investing into the album?

2. [ 310, -17] So they're basically saying that they'll take the merchandise in but they're not going to put it on display. Melon is Mel-trash... I want to at least know what led to the staff to come down to such a decision.

3. [ 299, -19] Well there's obviously something going on when something like this happens just a few days before its releaseㅎㅎ

4. [ 61, -2] So Loen is saying they're going to sell the song but not promote it... which means free money to them = they're thieves.

5. [ 48, -4] Exactly until how long do people feel that JYJ deserves this kind of treatment when all they've done is fight against a large agency and win?

6. [ 44, -1] So Loen's been fed money by a certain someone, eh?

7. [ 42, -1] What a ridiculous situation for both the fans and the artist

8. [ 41, -3] Why if it isn't the company that said the most ridiculous phrase of the century... "Just visiting the sick"


special_ties Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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