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CHAOS's Park Taeyang refutes netizens' speculations about him being idol 'A' accused of sexual harassment

CHAOS, Park Taeyang

Whenever the infamous letters 'A' and 'B' make appearances in the Korean media, you can bet that netizens all over the web are throwing in their own guesses of who these mysterious individuals may be into the pile.


So with the latest 'A' and 'B' scandal, involving a former male idol accused of sexually harassing another man, rising to become one of the most popular stories on portal sites, there were plenty of guesses made about who 'A', the former idol, could be.


One of the most agreed upon guesses was Park Taeyang of CHAOS, the male idol group that disbanded after making their debut last year.


Well Park Taeyang has read the article himself and after reading through the comments, he has taken to his blog to set everyone straight, refuting the speculations.


He wrote, 

"Hello this is Park Taeyang^^!!

A report has surfaced about a former idol group member being accused of sexual harassment

I read the article too

The comments are quite the spectacle ^^

The speculations of the people of Korea...

It seems like our country is a country overflowing with keyboard warriors!!

First let's take a look at the article^^!!"

He then posted a clipping of the article along with some of the top comments, several of which mentioned his name.


He then wrote again, 


"I'm at a loss for words.. +_+

Well I don't really concern myself too much about it, but how much will my friends worry when they see this ^^!!

But you know it all matches up since we debuted last year..;; well it didn't work out too well (but it was still a good memory nevertheless)

After quitting in January, I started working for the marketing team of a cosmetic surgery clinic ^^;;

Oh yeah...;; I also have a girlfriend, who's like a lovable bunny;;;"


Thereby, expressing his reaction and effectively denying the speculations by revealing that he's not an instructor at an acting academy, nor is he interested in men. 


After adding a few more screenshots of the comments on the news article, he concluded,


"Like the last person who left a reply, I'm also very very curious ^^ about who it might be ..;;

However, the uncomfortable truth is that it's not me ^^;;

Since the netizen investigation squad hyungnims possess even more skill than the police, please reveal who it is quickly ^^;;

For the people who leave comments, please don't speculate and just wait a little, it'll probably be all revealed soon

And don't cry after you get sued ?_?."







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