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'A' claims Park Si Hoo raped her twice + Park Si Hoo counter-sues 'A', 'B', and former agency head Mr. Hwang


Contrary to popular belief, it has been revealed that 'A' had charged Park Si Hoo with 2 cases of sexual assault.

According to News1, when the police had submitted 'A's hair, blood, and urine to forensics, testing revealed that presence of a male's DNA was detected in her secretion samples. To confirm the identity of who the DNA belonged to, oral samples from both Park Si Hoo and his hoobae 'K' were obtained and sent to the National Forensics Service. When 'A' had reported the actor for sexual assault, she had reported, "When I was drunk, Park Si Hoo raped me twice at his house."

However, Park Si Hoo admitted to having sex with her, so the DNA will most likely turn out to be Park Si Hoo's. His hoobae 'K' explained, "I was sleeping in the living room with the blankets from his room, and I returned the blankets in the morning. 'A' and Park Si Hoo were asleep, and I believe 'A' thinks I raped her because of the blankets I put back."

According to Newsis, the actor is finally fighting back. With evidence starting to pile up against 'A' after he attended his own police summon, Park Si Hoo has taken legal action against trainee 'A', her friend and sunbae 'B', and Mr. Hwang, the president from his previous agency EYAGI Entertainment. According to his attorney, Park Si Hoo has charged them with false accusations, attempted blackmail, and defamation of character.

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