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The most predictable scenes in Korean dramas?


The most predictable drama scenes, themes, and elements in Korean dramas were revealed onApril 1st onMBC's program 'Section TV Entertainment Report'.

Check out the list below:

11) The 11th most predictable story element is the female lead who transforms into a glamorous goddess just by taking off her glasses.

10) The car accident scene: the main character stands still, paralyzed with only his eyes wide open, and falls slowly when he is hit by a car.

9) When the bad-tempered rich son of the CEO tries to solve everything using money.

8) The main character finds out about her pregnancy because of dry heaving or morning sickness. The doctor follows with the predictable news, "Congratulations. You are indeed pregnant."

7) The taxi that always seems to be conveniently waiting for the main character. In the most desperate and dangerous situations, the faithful taxi always seems to appear just at the right moment.

6) The main lead who showers when he's angry.

5) The unlocked door that results in someone overhearing an important secret.

4) The seemingly invincible main character who does not seem to die easily even after being shot.

3) The doctor who says, "If you had come even a little bit later, it could have been much worse," to the main character who arrives at the ER in critical condition.

2) The scene in which the male and female lead roles just miss each other even though they are at the same place. Anyone could just turn their head slightly, but the characters always seem to be looking directly in front of them.

1) Finally, the #1 most predictable scene is where the rich CEO parents hand an envelope full of money to the female character as a bribe to leave their son. Not only is the plot of the poor female lead and the wealthy son of the CEO falling in love overdone, but it is almost always accompanied by the scene with an envelope of money.

What do allkpop readersthink about these rankings? Are there any other predictable scenes you've noticed?

Source: Nate

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