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MBLAQ's G.O. talks about the burdens of facial hair

MBLAQ's G.O. recently opened up about the infamous facial hair that he carried when the group debuted. On the August 16th episode of "Strong Heart", G.O. finally revealed the story behind his macho look. He said, "When MBLAQ was being created, Rain told us that we need a radical member. He recommended that I grow some facial hair. Then, he thought people would remember MBLAQ as the group with the member that has facial hair." G.O. continued, "However, as time went by, I became a slave to that facial hair. When I went on variety shows, I only got to talk about facial hair. I also have a lot of hair on my chest, so whenever I'd wear V-neck shirts, people joked that I could clean the floor with it." During the recording for "Strong Heart", G.O. started out with a clean face but as time passed, a shadow of a beard started to appear. It showed how fast his facial hair truly grows. He said, "I was so stressed out about it so I decided to get laser epilation hair removal, but Rain always told us to love ourselves for who we are. He didn't let me do anything to my face. I was going to go for it secretly, but he found out somehow and talked me out of it. People told me to think about how it would help with acting, but I didn't change my mind. But then, Rain told me a secret. He has a very clean cut image, but it turns out he got laser epilation himself." When asked whether Rain knew that G.O. was revealing his epilation secret, G.O. replied, "I don't think so. It's been hard to contact him these days. I'm sharing this story in the hopes that he'll call me." He finally added, "Once Rain told me that even after laser epilation, hair still grows a little bit, I gave up getting it. I think that he is living vicariously through me since he doesn't have facial hair and I still do." Source: Newsen via Nate

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