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G-Dragon was an SM trainee for 5 years

Every fan of G-Dragon knows that this Big Bang leader used to be part of "Little Roola" when he was young but there's more to this boy's past you haven't heard about just yet. G-Dragon revealed in a recent interview (follow up of the one where he talked about his concert scandal),

I first started going on TV on MBC's BoBoBo. It's the best to stand next to BoMi nuna and because I danced so much, I always got the spot next to her. That's when Roola's company spotted me and added me to be part of "Little Roola." They dressed us just like Roola and we went on tour with them. I could barely speak but we had a carol album.
Watch 7:43: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pertAgH2tk&t=505 As time passed, Roola's popularity went down and "Little Roola" failed to stay together. Little G-Dragon was shocked by this. He said,
I was an 8-year-old and thinking about the fact that "Little Roola" was gone made me really shocked. I thought I would stay a singer in that position. I remember I told my mom that I didn't want to do anything like this anymore. That's when I started to do things any other normal kid did, go to school, study, etc.
But he couldn't stay away from his talents for too long. He went on a ski trip with his family and won a dance competition while he was there. He was competing against older boys but it didn't matter. The moderator of the event was none other than Lee Soo Man, nowadays more well known as the founder and director of SM Entertainment. Lee Soo Man recruited G-Dragon after seeing his talents. G-Dragon was a trainee at SM Entertainment for five whole years. It was around the time when H.O.T was really popular and S.E.S members, BoA and Shinhwa members were all trainees as well. G-Dragon said,
When I first went in after signing the contract, it was before SM really found its place. Because of that, I wouldn't practice everyday. It would be once a month or once every three months. I bet SM people won't even remember me. I wasn't noticeable really unless I was dancing. I'm not really good looking now but back then I had a face of a brat. I danced pretty well but couldn't really sing. The company couldn't really figure out what to do with me. I used to play on Shinhwa hyungs' knees but I bet they can't remember that.
He found himself kind of confused at SM. One day, he heard Wu-Tang Clan's music at a friend's house and started to take lessons for freestyle rap. That was the PeopleCrew's practice room and more will be revealed in the next segment of the interview. I don't know what shocks me more. The fact that he could've been in an SM idol group or the fact that he was such a cute little kid. Look at those pictures! [gallery]

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