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Staff Picks: Songs of 2013

As always, 2013 was a busy year for K-pop. It was packed full of all sorts of news, ranging from the worst of the worst to the best of the best. And, …

jennywill   Sunday, January 5, 2014   148,248   3,588   287

MV Releases

Piggy Dolls release MV for 'Butterflies'

Piggy Dolls, who recently made a return with a new line up of members, is back with another track, "Butterflies"! As mentioned before, the members ha…

serendipity   Thursday, September 26, 2013   15,887   99   32

MV Releases

Piggy Dolls are back with 'Ordinary Girl' MV

Piggy Dolls, who've been absent from the music scene for over a year, are finally back with a song called "Ordinary Girl"! However, you may not recogn…

serendipity   Wednesday, September 4, 2013   31,649   143   241

Single Reviews

[Single Review] F-ve Dolls 'Soulmate #1'

F-ve Dolls is the first to venture out after Core Contents Media's Grand Band Member Shuffle of 2013. After their past singles failed to make a splash…

contagion   Monday, August 19, 2013   9,404   66   42