• Check out SHINee's eye-catching individual teaser photos & details about repackaged album 'Married To The Music'!

    July 29, 2015 @ 9:45 pm

    After getting fans all riled up with the surprise announcement of their upcoming repackaged album, SHINee are back to do it all over again with more teaser photos and details regarding the new release!Their 4th repackaged album 'Married To the Music' will include all the songs from their 'Odd' album as well as four new tracks, which have been revealed to be "Married To the Music", "Savior", "Hold You", and "Chocolate"!The title track is the work

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  • SM Entertainment confirms Super Junior's Siwon is also set to enlist this year

    July 29, 2015 @ 9:45 pm

    Super Junior's Siwon is the next idol we'll be bidding goodbye to this year as he enlists for his mandatory military service! Reports started to circulate that Siwon was planning to enlist after his upcoming drama 'She Was Pretty'. In response, SM Entertainment confirmed the news stating, "Choi Siwon will be enlisting after he completes the MBC drama 'She Was Pretty'. The exact time period hasn't been decided on yet. After he wraps up h

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  • Big Bang to sing 'Let's Not Love' for their 'E' album!

    July 29, 2015 @ 9:17 pm

    Ah, so this must be the song that Yang Hyun Suk was teasing us for with those Instagram videos! Big Bang will be coming back with a new song titled "Let's Not Love"! We knew GD&TOP's new song would make up half of their new 'E' album, and now we know what will make up the other half! The poster for the song gives off a very mellow vibe, indicating that the boys may be slowing things down for this new track.The release will take place on August 5

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  • Bae Yong Joon's 'naughty hands' while dancing with his bride Park Soo Jin at their wedding party catches attention

    July 29, 2015 @ 8:57 pm

    People were curious as to what Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin's wedding was like as the event was closed off to the public. And now we get a sneak peek at what the after party was like through a video footage revealed by one of the guests.The video caught immediate interest with the very intimate skinship moments shared by the couple. The two are dancing, while sharing a deep kiss as the crowd seems to cheer them on. Bae Yong Joon's "naughty hand

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  • Beach Fossils weigh in on the accusations of plagiarism against hyukoh

    July 29, 2015 @ 6:27 pm

    Many netizens had brought up the issue of indie band hyukoh's alleged plagiarism in the past week, pointing out the similarities between hyukoh's songs to the those of Beach Fossils and The Whitest Boy Alive.  Beach Fossils themselves have now joined the rabble of people who are claiming that hyukoh copied their song "Golden Age" for "Panda Bear." On Beach Fossils' official Twitter account, a tweet was uploaded that seemed to take a ja

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  • G-Friend talk about their hard choreography and what changes they'd like to make

    July 29, 2015 @ 6:01 pm

    Rookie girl group G-Friend is getting a lot of love for the interesting juxtaposition of their sweet, girly image and powerful, clean-cut dance moves!  In an interview recently, the girls discussed a variety of topics, including their choreography and MV.Sowon said, "I think working hard to practice before debut helped with our 'knife-like' group dance.  Before debut, we would dance to five songs in a row, and the last one, we would practice our

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  • BTOB's Ilhoon will get you laughing out loud with a hilarious rendition of Big Bang's 'Bae Bae'

    July 29, 2015 @ 4:50 pm

    BTOB's Ilhoon might as well join Big Bang as the sixth member because he has just as much character--if not more--than his sunbae's T.O.P and G-Dragon!  In a parody of the YG group's recent "Bae Bae" that is like to leave the viewers slapping their knees, Ilhoon reenacts T.O.P's part in the song with a hilariously uncanny likeness. He has everything down to a tee, from T.O.P's signature deep voice and quirky expressions to his general eccentric

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  • hyukoh meets with Tablo at HIGHGRND's office to possibly discuss future plans

    July 29, 2015 @ 2:37 pm

    Indie band hyukoh, who recently signed to Tablo's label HIGHGRND, had a meeting with the rapper to discuss their current state of things and possibly exchange some ideas! An entertainment insider relayed, "It may not be often but hyukoh comes into the office every once in a while. Yesterday (28th) he met with Tablo to talk about some things. It wasn't for anything specific like planning for the next album but was rather, a light meeting."Just se

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  • G-Friend address being called 'Girls' Generation imitators' + reveal cute interactions with senior groups

    July 29, 2015 @ 12:38 pm

    In a recent interview, popular rookie group G-Friend talked about their senior groups and more!  Not only are the girls sweet and likable but they also have impeccable taste.Sowon stated, "I really wanted to become close to MAMAMOO, and recently, in the music show waiting room, MAMAMOO's Whee In first told me that we were the same age, so we should get along like friends, but I don't have a cell phone, so we were unable to exchange numbers."In ad

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  • D.O has bad feelings about his first love?

    July 29, 2015 @ 12:23 pm

    During a meeting with the press for his movie 'Pure Love' this week, EXO's D.O talked about his first love, which is the topic of the film.  However, while most people say their hearts flutter and they can never forget their first love, he seemed to have less excited feelings about his own experience.  He was asked what came to mind when he heard 'first love,' and he said, "When [I hear] 'first love,' rather than a bright, pink-pink hea

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