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Top 8 Mukbang Online Streamers on AfreecaTV

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Mukbang, a mash-up of the Korean words, eating (muk-ja) and broadcasting (bang-song), has caused a huge frenzy in South Korea and it already has been noticed by many western news sites where they have explained it as a unique and strange phenomena that is trending throughout the country. Mukbang has garnered a large following as masses of people gather on online chat rooms of these broadcasting channels and watch normal people delve into massive amounts of food all in one sitting. Food has always been a part of TV shows, but with this mukbang trend on a roll, variety shows such as 'Happy Together,' and even dramas such as 'Let's Eat,' has made it their top priority to show stars eating on air to bring those ratings up. All mukbang broadcasters can be found on afreecaTV, a video streaming service.

Before you go onto our list of top 8 mukbang BJs (broadcasting jockeys), I dare you to watch through all of the videos without amassing a strong urge to chew on something yummy. Ready?

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BJ Benzz

BJ Benzz is quiet and one of the cleanest eaters on afreecaTV. The amount of food that he gulps down in just one broadcast is out of the ordinary. On his good days, he is able to eat three whole pies of cake and one regular carton of milk. 

BJ TheDiva

TheDiva has already been featured in various variety shows and even on western news sites due to her pretty looks, dainty body, and her huge appetite for good food. BJ TheDiva's one serving includes at least 5 packs of instant cup noodles and a bowl of rice. And no, I am not kidding. She recently had to temporarily shut down her channel due to personal issues and her past history on the channel. However, you can still catch some of her highlights on the Youtube page.

BJ Godessju or Wangju

Known for her frank and brazen commentaries, BJ Godessju doesn't try to look pretty or try to recreate her image into something that she is not. During most of her broadcastings, she goes au-naturale with just about two servings of food set up to binge on all by herself. It's not about the portions with Wangju, but it is about how appetizing she makes every food she indulges in look.

BJ Patoo

One of the youngest BJs on the channel to have made it somewhat known on afreecaTV.  BJ Patoo is in middle school right now, from what I know, and be aware, he does have all the qualities of a middle schooler. Nonetheless, he is very entertaining to watch, especially when he has to go through silly challenges, such as dressing up as a girl in one of his mukbangs.

BJ Beomprika

One of the longest running popular afreecaTV BJ, BJ Beomprika is one of the early BJs, the pioneers of mukbang, one of the OG male BJs when it comes to seeing radio broadcasting. Although he has been on a slow decline with all the new mukbang BJs on the rise, it is still satisfying to see him devour massive amounts of food. Look at this one video right now; he basically inhales 5 spicy cup ramen in less than 20 minutes... is he even chewing? 

BJ Ummma

My personal favorite out of the bunch, BJ Ummma's mukbangs are tastefully done not because he eats anything out of the ordinary but because of the overall atmosphere of the whole broadcasting. You can see that he puts a lot of effort into his home and himself before starting his broadcasting. He also has an adorable way of starting his mukbang which you can watch below. Not to mention, BJ Ummma is a hunk who loves animals (10 points for Gryffindor!)

BJ Termin

I think one of the most interesting aspect about BJ Termin's broadcasting is that you are watching a very pretty-faced little lady and you'd think, "She's kinda cute," but then you hear her talk and she is this total tomboy with a brute way of speaking who is not afraid to embarrass herself in front of camera. 

BJ Shoogi

BJ Shoogi is new, but her adorable and perky personality has already helped her garner hundreds of returning viewers. She unexpectedly exceeds normal portions, even eating more than what is probably too much for even two people to eat. To make things much more fun to watch, her reactions are cute, easy on the eyes, and overall a delight. 

Are you hungry yet?




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    seriallover Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    It's short for "Broadcast Journalist" in's short for something WAY different in North America though! Lol:)

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    kgm23 Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    do they get paid for ppl to watch them eat. Cool ;

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    seriallover Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    I know, right?! So awesome! One popular female BJ(can't remember her name) made like $18,000 in 5 minutes! 5 f-ing minutes!!! Where do I sign up? And how in the hell are they all not weigh 500 lbs eating all that food? NOT FAIR!!!

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    Binjuice77 Monday, December 21, 2015

    What does BJ before their name means?

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    seriallover Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    BJ is short for "Broadcast Journalist" in means something COMPLETELY different in North America though! LOL

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