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Zico drops eerie MV for 'Anti' feat. G.Soul

By elliefilet   8 days ago   10,707   1,209   3



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Zico has dropped his eerie music video for "Anti" featuring G.Soul.

SEE ALSO: Zico says he originally studied to be an artist

Along with "Artist", "Anti" is a title track for Zico's latest solo album 'Television'. As the title suggests, the rapper speaks from the perspective of an "anti-fan" who doesn't understand why he's famous or considered talented.

Check out the "Anti" MV above, and let us know if you prefer Zico's "Artist" or "Anti".
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    2fat 8 days ago

    I really liked this trac. The MV was good. Unfortunate hairstyle again. I really have no idea why the continue to style these boys with such fugly hair. It looks like what happens to all my potted plants. Despite his idol start I often like Zico's solo efforts.

    Verbris 8 days ago

    I'm torn! I like music on Artist better but the visuals on both are impressive! Of course the darkness and creepy factor in Anti was really intriguing! I can't decide, but I'm really enjoying these new filmography choices Zico is now making with his videos.

    krell 8 days ago

    I could *WISH* that ENGLISH Language Subtitles were *included* with this MV. It is NOT that difficult to do SUBTITLES either. In fact, there are WEBSITES where you can take (KOREAN) HANGUL Language Subtitles ; and automatically CONVERT them (translate) to *other* Languages, including ENGLISH Language. You need to 'work it out' with the *timing* of having the Subtitles DISPLAY when they are supposed to do it. But it is *not* 'Rocket Science' to get that done. DISAPPOINTING to me overall ; with NO SUBTITLES with this MV.

    krell 8 days ago

    Of course, the 'auto-translation' of say (KOREAN) HANGUL Language to ENGLISH Language ; is only as 'good' as the TRANSLATOR 'engine' software (like say GOOGLE TRANSLATE). Which is why it is *better* to have someone 'trusted' like say 1theK Firm (KR) handle it ; for *accuracy* reasons. The 'auto-translators' get 'confused' in certain ways over more 'complex' meaning intent. Which, ZICO, as a 'Social Commenter / RAPPER' ; is likely using language that *needs* to be *carefully* interpreted for TRANSLATION purposes.

    lunawinter krell 8 days ago

    I think it's unfair to expect a Korean singer to have to include English subtitles the second the mv comes out when we don't expect english singers to cater to others. I get your frustration but you're taking it a tad seriously. Also I can't help but mention that you emphasize words extremely unnecessarily. I don't think i've ever seen so many single quotation marks, asterisks, semi colons and capitalized words in a comment in my entire life. It is honestly really really awkward to read.

    noedardma lunawinter 8 days ago

    LOL I've noticed him/her for a while. I think it's just his/her thing to type in that weird kind of way.

    krell lunawinter 8 days ago

    There are 'private individuals' (Internet Users) who actually do PROVIDE for *free* a LOT of SUBTITLES to K-pop MVs and Dramas too. Which, you WONDER why that ZICO's *Agency* could not do a PAID business arrangement with one of them to DO THE TRANSLATION SUBTITLES for them ... 1theK Firm (KR) does get CONTRACTED (apparently) by many K-pop Firms to do SUBTITLES for them. The MV gets released, and then in about 3 days time ; the MV gets like 're-posted' on YOUTUBE *with* the SUBTITLES included in it. 1theK says in a message on their ORIGINAL MV posting that they are 'working on it' and the SUBTITLES will be done soon enough. My view, the COST in MONEY seems NOT that much ; is my GUESS on it. And also, the K-pop Groups (Solo Idols) are looking *more* to INTERNATIONAL SALES of their product too. Which, ENGLISH Language ; rightly or wrongly ; is a 'Second Language' to say a LOT of those living in EURO nations (Germany ; France ; etc) too ... And I will *agree* that USA Artists like say BRITNEY SPEARS ; should be *more open* to the idea of providing SUBTITLES in say HANGUL (KR) and ZHONGWEN (ZH = PRChina). The COST of SUBTITLES is really MINIMAL overall. And YOUTUBE *supports* SUBTITLES rather well ; using the VTT format for SUBTITLES ... Finally, I *do* get some CAPS and *ASSterisks* feedback ; IGNORE me as you choose! ...

    noedardma 8 days ago

    Even though I really don't get the MV, I prefer this one than "Artist". TBH I like them both but this one suits my style better. I like the beats, bass-lines & G.Soul's hooks.

    The End


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