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Seohyun to juggle Girls' Generation comeback, drama filming, and more schedules in August

By mkim93   14 days ago   60,226   13,334   0



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Seohyun is currently starring in MBC's drama "Bad Thief, Good Thief" and she already has a hectic schedule but it will get even busier with Girls' Generation's 10th-anniversary comeback expected to occur in August.

August will be a significant month for Seohyun as this is the first drama where she received the leading role in where she even cut off her long hair to play the character. She has been receiving praise for her efforts and improved acting skills that have surely increased her morale and confidence. Along with the drama, she will now have to share her time with Girls' Generation's promotion that will definitely tire her for the month of August. However, Seohyun is well-known for her diligence and excellent work ethic that has transitioned from school to her career. How she will manage her time is something to look forward to.

Are you excited to see Girls' Generation to hit the stage once again as a group?

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whogivesa 13 days ago

She better watch out. Trying to juggle different projects is why her "friend" got kicked out of the group.

gicadm whogivesa 12 days ago

I just now realized, maybe because all of these activities, SM will benefit, unlike with Jessica before

BigBlueagain whogivesa 12 days ago

SM is in charge of all of Seohyun's schedule. They were only responsible for part of Jessica's.

miki96 13 days ago

Nothing will happen to her. Yoona has done it before, Yuri has done it. She wanted to be a main lead so she'll have to go on with this responsibility.

iloveseobb miki96 12 days ago

All Kpop idols are very busy. So, I can understand what you want to say. However, in such cases, since each situation is completely different, I think that it is not appropriate to compare someone with someone. The example of Seohyun this time should not be able to compare with them. Because, they were not in a situation to keep starring all the time just like Seohyun at the same time during Girls' Generation's comeback. Moreover, the general Korean drama ends in three months, but Seohyun's drama lasts for half a year (50 times in all). Seohyun has never said that she wanted to be a main lead, but she said that want to work as an actress from that time she debuted. And Seohyun has studied acting while a idol and a student for about 10 years. However, she still can not receive the right job offers at the convenient times for her. Therefore the timing is bad this time, but she got a good job opportunity. Kpop idols have little sleep during comeback. Too much, they send incredibly busy days. But, they will can fulfill dreams and feel the pleasure of growth. I pray that she will not lose her physical condition.

jerok 13 days ago

she's a pro, I have no doubt she'll handle promotions like a champ.

Alexa_Tianney 13 days ago

I'm in love with her drama, Bad Thief Good Thief, the story line is really good and I love KangSoJu so much. Each episode is getting more and more exciting. Because of this drama now I'm a fan of Ji Hyun Woo.. Actually I watched her in Moon Lovers too but I'm not really a fan. But this one is really different ! I love Kang Soju ! The ratings also good, I hope it will increase and increase again. Trust me Bad Thief Good Thief drama is really worth to watch.

iknowright 13 days ago

Keep calm and trust our Maknae :)

SoJamLove 14 days ago

I was just thinking about this the other day, she's gonna juggle leading a drama and full album promotions... I know she's gonna do well but I hope she doesn't tire herself out too much!! <3

Hopkinz 14 days ago

Maknae queen

Forever_Sone2007 14 days ago

as long as she doesnt overwork herself

Father_3Spoon 14 days ago

Hope her skin cells get enough sleep.

rickkelly 14 days ago

The worst thing about Seohyun being busy, from my selfish standpoint, is that it means she probably won't be able to contribute much content to the new SNSD album.

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